Monday, June 18, 2007

Twenty Questions For my

20.Why shouldn't I hate you?
19.What do you take me for?
18.What were/are you afraid of?
17.Why arent you afraid that hurting me will bring bad things your way?
16.Why should I wish good things for you in the future?
15.Why do you think we can be friends?
14.Why her..and her..and her?
13.Why did I not see it coming?
12.What did you do wrong?
11.What did I do wrong?
10.Was there someone else?
9. Why did you lie?
8. What more could we/I/you have done?
7. Why didn't you try harder?
6. Was it all just a game to you?
5. Did you ever take my feelings into consideration?
4. When did you decide it was over?
3. What if?
2. What did you really want?
1. Why not ME?

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