Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Boys and Girls

So...once again i was watching The Life of Ryan and marveling at my girl crush Taylor and i determined that there are two types of far as interactions with boys go..
The cool girls
The not so cool girls

I think i'm a not so cool girl...sadly, but it's ok. My theory is that your exposure to the opposite sex at a young age determines your relationship with boys. I think that girls with brothers, have a better relationship with boys that girls without.
For example...for a while there growing up, i was terrified of boys. Even through high school now that i think about it... i thought they were trouble and that we had nothing in common. Obviously, that has changed as i develop into the lady that I am. But sometimes i think my life would have been much easier if i were a cool girl..
Cool girls are always comfortable around guys.
Sidenote: ok seriously, when did Peter Berg become a director? A good one no the last time i saw him, i was like who is this tom cruise wannabe trynna act? Now dude is off directing good movies like The Kingdom...i wanna be a director!!!!

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Cool girls and the ones you see having a regualr conversation about anything with guys. I'm slightly jealous of them.
To Be Continued

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