Saturday, September 26, 2009


Soooooo..I was about to throw a temper tantrum complete with rolling on the floor, kicking and screaming because ppl have not been updating their blogs!! I mean what the H? Like..i need time wasting things to do but every time i go the blogs..i've already read the most recent update!!
Then i remembered that I hadn't updated in a minute either...teehee! :D Well at least i'm not as bad as some other ppl that haven't updated in 6months (*ahem HauteFaces!! :p)

Not that I have much to update about..these days just seem to all roll into one another...and i do the exact same thing everyday...bleurgh!!...and I dont even get to watch TV.

So I've been praying for serious help..and God has been giving it...but I really need to work on the fact that I just might be really really xenophobic (with the foreigners being everyone that is not me..or related to me..or a friend)...end verbal diarrhea

Again about baltimore: :D specially for you Mgbeks! WTH is up with this nonsense thing that baltimore dudes be having on their chin? 93% of all the black dudes are growing out this unkempt beard seriously can you maybe get a trim?..or shape it into something neat? it is so first i thought maybe it was just me being overly critical because well...i can be critical...but i've noticed it too many freaking's like that skinny jeans business...can some one say TREND FAIL? EPIC TREND FAIL!! please cease and desist!!! JUST STOP!! EWWW!!

I feel so disconnected from life..I'm hoping to get back to normal able to watch TV and do blogrounds where i actually comment!!

Tunrayo...keep ya head up!

Oh...bloggers/ppl who just randomly read but dont blog...send a quick prayer up for ya girl this Friday anytime between 2-5pm. 'ppreciate ya.

K...time's up!! Peace


Myne Whitman said...

I'll be praying, wish you luck whatever it is. As for the beard things LWKMD

MPB said...

That's it? Put up another post jare.

Tisha said...

trend fail lol
skinny jeans is definitely a trend fail.
that beard stuff, pray it will wear out soon, why must everyone follow a trend.

Nice Anon said...

wassup katie price.. How you dey?