Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 things going through my mind...!!!

1. Soccer...like milk..does the body good!! Have you seen the bodies on those soccer players?...Mommy like!! :) I'm not a big fan of the overly muscular...i like to appreciate it from afar but I dunno..gimme lean any day over ginormous muscles and you got yourself a happy girl!! :)

2. Competing w/ le boy on who can firm up their abs quickest ($100 by December)...all started cuz he said my tummy was smooth and fluffy like amala or tuwo...*rolls eyes*...so..i need all the tips (unconventional only please!)...i now eat right and exercise...I'm working on that part. I want other crazy tips like drink scalding hot water before bed...or hop on one leg for 5 minutes...that you have tried and that works!! :) Thank um...this is what I'm going for..

Una think say I fit? I'm extra pumped to do it cuz of all the side bets against me apparently taking place...if you want to win good money..you should bet on me..I'm the underdog...like Seabiscuit..:) (wait..was Seabiscuit the underdog?)

..My incentive...some $100 shoes yeah boy!!!!! :)

3. I like doing "different" things..i mean i know I'm not unique in that regard..but i would try almost anything once. This past weekend I got to go ziplining through the trees...it was kinda scary cuz all you have is a harness (although they said it could hold up to 285lbs...i was like..."watch mine be the only one that doesn't!"). It was lots of fun though...swinging into rope ladders and crossing from post to post 500ft up in the air....however..skydiving and bungee jumping are out!!

Now if you can get me to do something different...followed by food..I'd be all for it..ex..in DC this Sunday (i think it might be a weekly thing)..they are doing a Tone,Taste and Tan thingie where you do 1hr of yoga on the roof of the Liaison Capitol Hill, and then you get breakfast after that at Chef Art Smith's restaurant
and then you get to chill by the pool for as long as you want...
The only bummer is that it's $50 bucks!!

4. Bout to move y'all!! Gosh..I've moved every year since 2006...actually make that 2005. It's getting tiring. I love moving..but the packing up part I'm not a fan of..help anyone?

5. So ever since I discovered Pinkberry..the magical place with orgasmic frozen yogurt...I mean i still eat ice cream but I crave frozen yogurt...i walked miles and miles in NY just to find a Pinkberry. Well seeing as the nearest Pinkberry is like 170 miles away...I figured that was a thing of the past..but one fateful day this weekend...on my way to Chipotle (lmao..ask me how that bet is working out for me..SATURDAY IS MY CHEAT DAY OK? I can have a barbacoa burrito with rice and black beans if i want to!!)... I discovered Yogiberry...not Pinkberry but it'll do...they charge like $.45/ounce and they have all this wacky flavors..i swear they have cocoyam flavored yogurt..blech! but the original..with some mango and strawberry pieces is Amazing!!! especially with this crazy heat we're having!

6. Is anyone else.. 1)apathetic bordering on mad about Lindsay Lohan? Like seriously, I had high hopes for that girl's career..hope she can get it together. 2)Enraged and disgusted by Mel Gibson? I mean the tape i listened to was definitely a set up and if that's him on the other line..he fell for it hook line and sinker 3) Secretly in love with the Allstate abi statefarm insurance guy in those commercials? I dunno why...he's just such a goofball 4) Intrigued by the old spice dude? I love him... I know he's scripted but he does such a good job of delivering his lines..makes me want to switch my bodywash to old spice :)

"look at me...now look at you man...now back at me..." Hehehehe!! funnee

7. One of my FB friends who i FB stalked for a while..who is a pretty good poet..apparently just got a degree and is wanting everyone to know because his status always starts with "Dr. So and so wants you to know that 33% of the world's population doesn't drink enough water". I'm like "Shuo...cuz of degree you now want us to accept what we could easily find on google as fact because you say so?"...maybe I'm just hating on the dude....but I'm definitely guilty of defriending ppl based on their status posts....hehehehe...evil!!

What y'all folk been up to these days?
Please lemme know your tips..i'm serious all you skinny bitches (i mean that as a term of endearment). I currently work out 4 to 5 days a week for at least 1hr and i eat pretty healthy...so...um...i want magical stuff..cant afford surgery just yet tho.

ooooh ooohhh...and...if you guys have done anything crazy/fun/different...definitely inform a sister make she too follow una try.

DMV bloggers that would like to do the Tone,Taste and Tan kini...we could make it a date...:)



Myne Whitman said...

My tummy is soft too, lol so let me know when you get the secrets.

MPB said...

oooh ziplining sounds like fun...I am thiefing that idea. Sorry no abs tips on my end....the tonest my abs ever looked was when I did martial arts, cos all the forms involve using your core. Gd luck.

The Non-Student said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to be following you. :-)

Nice Anon said...

lol@ Dr. he heeee

my dia embrace your size and yeah keep working out. Skinny no be for everyone o