Monday, December 27, 2010

As we proceed...

*Dr. Nick* Hiii Everybody! */Dr. Nick*

Hope everyone had a fabulous christmas holiday. Mine was memorable to say the least.
Gosh so like last year, I was determined...DETERMINED to not make any stupid new year's resolutions because well... they never really work out too well for me. But this year...i figure..what the heck.
No matter what i call it's still a resolution..resolving to do something better..but really I just want to start acting like a grown ass woman all the way around because ..ahem...we gon' be turning 2-8 in the 0-1-1 and so...we should try acting like a grown as woman in her late 20's (excuse me while i hyperventilate!) that that's done...let's recap 2010 shall we...

In 2010,
Professionally/Academically: I joined a lab and I got started on my thesis project. I also took and passed all my required courses as a graduate student and passed my graduate board oral exam! Not too shabby if i do say so meself!

Personally: I lost like 11lbs (and gained it back but that's besides the point!), I got tree braids and a weave oooh ohhh and my hair grew and I was able to retain some length. Um...I fell in and out of love with running. I was on a pretty cool Me'n'God relationship kick...and I learned some stuff about myself...then i slacked off.

Socially: I made new friends maybe lost some old ones......i have a terrible habit of not keeping in not cool!

Blogwise:...could be's not even that i dont want to's just that I honestly usually dont have anything to blog about. But I want to take this blogging thing semi seriously...people on here seriously motivate me..i just need inspiration and less slackeritis... grown ass woman goals for the 0-1-1 (GAWG)

- Do well in my classes
- Finish up my electives
- Plan out experiments beforehand
- Keep a daily to-do list
- Write in my lab notebook faithfully
- Be more active in one organization

- Take my multivitamin daily (ok nightly cuz that thing makes me nauseous)
- Make healthier food choices 80% of the time
- Maintain my workout routine
- Register/Train for a 5k
- Do all my grown woman health stuff (dentist, eye doctor, lady doctor)
- Stop treating my hair like it's the ugly step sister
- Get into the whole makeup thing (at least to the level that GAW should be)
- Get back into my Me'n'God kick...seriously only good things came out of that

- Actually start being more mindful of what i do with my pennies
- Save up for what i want instead of charging charging charging!!

- Be more social i guess
- Be a better friend
- I want to travel beyond just visiting my nephew..My labmates and I plan to eat our way through ATL and my boyfriend (did i just say that? ick..well i guess that's wat a GAW does! :p)...want to try visiting all 50 we gotta start somewhere. I guess technically we've been to Florida,New York, California, Texas, Georgia and the DMV. I'm thinking Vegas (even though i've been)

- Actually comment on blogs that I read instead of just passing through..and not just lazy comments..insightful ones like "LOL" and "OMG NO SHE DIDNT" and "WORD"

How do i plan on accomplishing all this you ask? Hell if I know!! LOL..y'all got any ideas? What has worked for you?

I was thinking of taking on one of these tasks per month so i dont feel starting January 1st..i'll start taking a multivitamin a day and see how it goes from there.

I hope you all have wonderful new year with lots of amazing things and good health.


doll said...

merry xmas...and new year.

you did achieve


Kate said...

Thanks doll dearie...dear dolly?
And I wish you an awesome new year and so on and so forth! :)

Anonymous said...

so who won the 6pack/$100 challenge?

Happy New Year