Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So..i got tagged 5000 years ago...finally saw it..see!! :)

5 Famous people I want to meet: (honestly famous ppl dont shack me like that...plus i'm shy :o)

- Keanu Reeves (y'all know my infinite yet one-sided relationship with this dude will probably never die..i just love him)
- Oprah (i think what she's got is contagious..if i meet her i might catch some of it)
- Jennifer Aniston ( i think we would be good friends)
- I guess Obama (i mean what is he going to say to me? nyeh!)
- Keanu Reeves (the second meeting is when he'll realize we are soulmates and we'll live together forever in harmony like ebony and ivory teehee!)

5 Books that affect(ed) you:

- The Bible--nah freal tho..cliche as it seems
- The Alchemist by Paul Coelho
- God is Relevant by Luis Palau
- Little Bee by Chris Cleave (i'm actually still reading this book and it.does.not.suck)
- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (just an awesome page turner)

5 favorite movies:

- Jurassic Park 2 (and 3 sometimes but i can watch 2 like everyday)
- The First Matrix
- Terminator 2: Judgement Day
- Mulan
- A Goofy Movie

5 things you can't do without:

- Air
- Food
- Water
- My Cellphone
- um...yeah maybe a really nice fine point pen from pilot

5 turn ons (i'm guessing in the opposite sex)

- Honesty
- Sense of humor
- Tall
- Dark
- Handsome

5 turn offs:

- Liars
- Assumers
- Cocky Morrasuckers
- Users
- Abusers


doll said...

hmm@ Keanu Reeves

Happy new year in advance..may your dreams come true in 2011

TayneMent said...

Little Bee sucks!

Tisha said...

so you liked Keanu Reeves too. Just wanted to date him sha! He's deep! I also liked a couple of other guys.

Like your turn-ons and turn-offs too. hate users.

Repressed One said...

U and this keanu...SMH!!

Happy New Year, Kate!!