Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facebook Chat #2008-002 : The "You Just Know Line"

Talking to my sis bout the marriage decision. not as funny as the NA one..but hey..a blogs gotta blog...

Kate:: wat life decision are you making
Dr.K:: marriage
Kate: marriage to who?
Dr.K: anyone
Kate: lol..yup
Dr.K:scary thought
Kate: yup
Dr.K:same house, see them everyday…in your space
Kate: lol
Kate:i guess that's part of the difficulty
Dr.K:what else?
Kate: my own is how do u know that it is the right person?
Dr.K:i dont know…i dont think you ever know
Kate:thank you jare
Kate:unlike those useless you just know ppl
Dr.K:i know right
Dr.K:its a friggin risk!!
Kate:well i dunno …u have more married friends than me
Dr.K:i guess you both have to decide if its worth taking with each other…they seem happy
Kate: wat do they say when u ask them?
Dr.K: and they are of the "you just know" school
Kate: lol…all of them?
Dr.K:not sure if I’ve asked Mrs. A or Mrs. O…i should
Kate: you should..yep
Dr.K:but how will their answers matter
Kate: it wont..but everyone i meet to says the whole "you just know" thing too. i wonder if anyone would ever say "you dont just have to trust in God and the person you are making a commitment to"…brainwashed liars!!!
Dr.K:lmao…i think that's the correct answer
Kate: see..and i'm nowhere near marriage
Dr.K:there should be like a scorecard
Kate: huh
Dr.K: with answers rated 1-5 5 being all the time
Kate: oooh
Dr.K: and there should be a cut-off number. ..Like, you like talking to the person all the time, most of the time, sometimes or never
Kate: wait i thot u meant scorecard for ppl and how they answer the how do u know question
Dr.K: yeah..oh,no, i'm trying to solve the how do you know problem
Kate: hmmm..i'm still lost
Dr.K: you have a list of questions which you answer while thinking of one person that you've been dating, you answer questions on a 1 to 5 scale..add up all the numbers
Kate: ooooo i get it
Dr.K: and if its say above 70, then you have a 70% chance of being successfully married to that person
Kate: how many questions?
Dr.K: i don't know..maybe we should come up with some
Kate: u have to have really good ones
Dr.K: yep..we can sell it and be rich
Kate: and a varied sample size..yup,ok…questions
Dr.K:r u typing them up? you have google email?
Dr.K: ok…what should we call it?
Kate: brainwashed liars?
Dr.K: lmao
Kate: i cant think of a better title

Happy belated thanksgiving...hope you had things to be thankful for.

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