Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dynamic

When you were young
And your heart was an open book
You used to say "live and let live"
But if this ever changing world
In which we live in
Makes you give it a try....
Say live and let die!!

So, i was having three whole conversations on MSN yesterday..yes this is my life what do you have to say about was 16oF(maybe oC...) outside what do you want me to do go out? So what if i was supposed to be they pay me overtime? :D OK..i digress

I had a really nice MSN convo with a friend who dropped some interesting knowledge on the whole friendship-relationship thing between guys and girls. And wouldn't you know it..i totally forgot what he said. He said something and i forgot it! I was really relying heavily on me remembering it because i thought it was really perceptive and it put a lot of things in perspective. I'mo ask again..see if he remembers..or maybe it will come to me in the middle of the night...daggone old age and ish! Shout outs to dude for putting me onto Dat Nigga Raw! Lol...

I was also having a convo with my sporadic acquaintance...i think she's cute as buttons! She was talking about expectations and how she didn't see herself getting married or something like that. We talked about long distance relationships..and she wasn't feeling that either. in my mind i had chucked it up to her being young..but when you're young, doesn't the world just seem open and filled with possibilities? When did we...ahem..these young kids get all jaded by life and love? Na wa oh.

Ok...i admit, everybody's journey is different, i guess I've been lucky not to have come across too many unserious ppl at a young age who just want to mess around and break hearts and leave me jaded. I think life has left me more jaded than love thus far..which is just scary because that either means I'm blessed/lucky to not have had that experience and i never will...or that experience is coming. D'ah well...bring it on I say.

The third convo was with my gal paul as my dad says...LOL. We talked about marriage and rings and stuff but not really...and she claims I'm a different person.."what have you done with my friend?" I guess i can see where she's coming from and i think age definitely has a lot to do with it...but in addition to age..being removed from the whole school scene and being immersed in this 2.5 family having town...there's definitely a mind-shift thingie that has happened to me. If i was out partying every night bar/club hopping...i probably wouldn't be in the I'm ready to settle down in the next couple of years frame of mind. Add that to age and having a firmer grip on what you want out of life and feeling like you're on that path kinda...God willing, then there's that innate urge to want to move on to the next level.

***next post** maybe tomorrow? on marriage as the next level..but i need a sexier title than that!

Shout out to my two readers!


Original Mgbeke said...

Nigga Raw Nwanne! That is the stuvvs, right thia! :-D

Everybody's journey is different indeed, these youngun's aren't as starry eyed about these things like we used to be.

Kate said...

O-ho!...lately i've been feeling sooo old and things.

Elle Woods said...

omg...who let that razz mgbeke in here?

Kate said...'s a come as you are typa blog homie! mgbeke's are allowed.