Saturday, January 10, 2009

*Insert title here*...ok Random

Ooooh...i really had something bloggable yesterday, when i was at work and not working, but i you know forgot.
Uncharacteristic of 2008, i decided to write down my goals for 2009.
No..not resolutions just things that i would like to accomplish this year professionally, financially, educationally, personally, emotionally etc. know what else. JACK's back!! wooo woo! We love it...we love it. I hope we still love it....mmmmmm, i think we will still love it.

Really i honestly wish i had things to talk to you about. I'm upset that this doug williams dude cannot speak proper english.

have i blogged about the fact that my president is black and my lambo's nonexistent but if it wasn't, it'd be blue?
Man...i really miss reading interesting blogs..everybody is privatizing or not writing in their blogs anymore..what is really going on?

I miss... Femi's Diary, i thought about it today...very talented writer...nice chick too.
I dont like unkempt overly long taliban type beards..uggh.

Havent read any good books soooo goooooddd make me wanna cry books.

My new infatuation is my lil neph..the cutest thing since the beginning of time. Loves him...loves him to pieces..

And i'm out

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