Saturday, January 31, 2009

We're rocking the suburbs!!

Just saw Revolutionary Road

*SPOILER ALERT*--if you haven't your eyes.--
Don't know whether to shoot myself or make a pact never to move to the suburbs
On the one hand, I think April was definitely not chemically balanced
But on the other hand, I could see where she was coming from..kinda

Back then,the man was the sole breadwinner and the woman was supposed to pop them kids out and keep the house.
But the thing about it is... I'm sure even today when both man and woman can work and still have their house in the 'burbs and their 2.5kids and a dog, I'm sure there are millions of families out there that feel trapped, unfulfilled...hopelessly empty?

I can't get over how he told her he'd"OK i cheated but I'm done now..what's for dinner?"
And when he was leaving...he knew..knew there was something wrong but he pretended that everything was fine.

I don't think Paris would have solved anything anyway..just maybe delayed the inevitable...

Me personally...i would love to live my life without regrets..knowing that at any point in my life..i was fulfilled at doing what I'm meant to be doing. Completely in that it pursuing (purshooing :D) my career or going to school...or being a wife, being a mother..being an aunt, being a friend, being a sister, being a daughter by God's grace.
Life, Love and the pursuit of happiness ko easy o!

aside..does anyone else notice how i use "..." too much or is it just me?...guess it's just me :D.. paix!

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Original Mgbeke said...

I never see am yet. I'm always behind on movies like 'wait for it to hit the $1 red box' type of behind.
However I love spoilers so I just read this post. lol