Monday, June 15, 2009

Life is what happens when you're having your first triple kiss...

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Forgive the unstructured randomness of it all...

Shey we all know that God is good?
Just yesterday..i was rejoicing with my friend about how God takes care of His children and while it is in our nucleus to worry, sometimes it just gives you really bad diarrhea and a tension headache.
My lil sister spent a fabulous week with me...and she she probably did not have a lot of fun during the week so i owed her a visit to the big apple on the weekend.
Naturally..we had to go clubbing and we ended up at Touch...pretty nice spot..definitely the place to be if you plan on going deaf early. Not too packed..excellent music sets minus the techno parts. We were sha chilling o..dancing ***they had a nice mix of old school and new school*** when out of nowhere this japanese couple decides to approach me and ask me to take part in their make out session. And me being who i am...obliged :)
Aight that's not how it happened...I was jejely dancing by myself my back facing this asian couple that were definitely very meticulously tongue-flossing each other's teeth when all of a sudden i find my back being used as a wall upon which japanese chick was leaning against whilst her lover flossed and groped at her...if i had turned around slowly..i'm sure i would have been entangled in their nasty little PDA session.
EWWW ppl the club is not your bedroom..please keep that stuff at home!!! and learn to dance to the beat!

Meanwhile...dont you just love it when you come into work on monday morning and the first thing you hear is that your department has been eliminated. Your boss transferred to another department and your position will be non existent in 45 days!!!
Yep..that's Life.
This is where the God is in control part comes in. The same God that directed my eyes to apply for this position three years ago is the same God that planted/sent someone to plant the idea in my head to apply to graduate school even though i didnt think I would ever get in is the same God that must have seen to it that not only did i get into schools...I got into two of the best schools in the the same God that will see me through the next 4 (yes!!i claim it!! in Jesus name) years.

That that my friends is why God is good..and always in control even when we think nothing is going on..or delude ourselves into believing that we can worry problems away.

Hello blogville..thanks @Rocnaija and NiceAnon for checking up on a i just dey...same old...nothing new...boring ol me.


RocNaija said...

So true.. I guess the saying "All things work together for good.." means much more to yuou now..
Or would it be that "The lines are falling unto you in pleasant places.."

In fact.. both! :D

Nice Anon said...

Wow. That is pretty sad! Very sorry to hear about this. But like DaRoc said.. all things work together for good. Keep your head up

Kate said...

Abi o... All things work together for the good of those who love Him.
Thanks guys!!...i'm trynna keep my head up! :)

Kate said...
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Tori said...

Wow. It is well. The awesome thing is you now have NO EXCUSE not to take a break this summer before school starts. AND you have no excuse not to come help me move :D

Kate said...

lol..sign me up dude!! i'll be there!!

Original Mgbeke said...

Awwww, I'm so sorry to hear this. God is in control.