Friday, June 26, 2009


“…to a man whose music, talent, genius, and grace entertained us, comforted us, and lifted our spirits time and time again. His sounds: the soundtrack of generations. Sometimes his talent and successes made him appear more than mortal – but death snaps us back to the stark reality. You’ll be missed, Michael. Thank you for a lifetime of selflessness, and a message of hope and healing to our world.. Thank you, Michael. Rest in peace…”--borrowed

Can I confess that I wasn't the biggest Michael Jackson fan? I mean i loved his music but compared to some of my friends and even my youngest sister...i barely scratched the surface. I never really followed any of the controversy surrounding him and any new weird thing he did i normally just chalked it up to him being eccentric. He is a legend..and he will be missed..

I've purposely not watched the news much or listened to the radio or mtv because i know it's all MJ stuff. I want to keep my memory the way it is.

I never finished that "Don't sweat the small stuff" just got sappier and sappier. I try to read it from time to time tho

I'm trying to hook up my intern with this other cute german intern who as it turns out..also thinks she's cute..but now he knows that i know that he thinks she's cute..and obviously i told her..crap i shouldn't have told me introducing them would just be weird.... screw it..i'll just introduce them *update...i just introduced them...and it was pretty awkward..but being the bubbly person she is..she was able to make it work*

So...did you know that drinking water is good for you because it helps your kidney perform it's duties of flushing out urea abi uric acid and allows your liver to do it's job of breaking down fat and getting rid of toxins as well? I didn't

I feel slightly stressed...but i'm trying not to sweat the small stress?? what stress?

I love my intern...she keeps me young. She's such an awesome young lady.

I hate Nigerian english!!! ARRGGGHHHH it is so the time you type "wunda" coulda typed "wonder" or "bn" ..."BEEN" "dese" .."THESE"

These last days are like playing chess..i stay trying to predict our opponents moves before they make 'em

These ppl don messed up our's like distintegrating a team the season after they make it to the finals and expecting the same results the next year.

I like how you try to help me de-stress by cracking jokes.

I miss my paul....needs to hurry up and come back jare!

I cant wait to fall in love..with can't wait to fall in love..with me..this just can't be summer love.
I have to be like the laziest blogger ever...ever...

Vamos a tequila, senorita, bonita
I really need it now
I aint got no tengo dinero, camarero
Say can we work it out

It's summer...and it's beautiful out...have good weekends ppl!


RocNaija said...

Lol.. Randomness in readiness for the weekend..

We can't wait for you to fall in love as well..

It'll either mean you have more reasons to blog more..
Or we never get to see you..

Either way though, you'll be happy.

Kate said...

Heyyyy RocNaija *waves*
who says i'm not already in love? *bats eyelashes* :)

Original Mgbeke said...

Deeelightfully random. :-D
Yes, I knew that fact about drinking water. And argh to Naija engrish. Grrrr