Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Right to be wrong...

See me see trouble o blogville..

aight so..for one reason or another I seem to have lost touch with my exes..but I also just happen to still be friends with their friends...weird stuff

And one said friend just informed me that my ex (first boyfriend) got engaged to his girlfriend...i think they've been dating for about 5 i guess she was his girlfriend after me.
Now..we broke up for several reasons some of which i'm not proud HWNSNBM, it was long distance..i was young and i was in college so i was broke too.. in a year or a year and a half i only saw him like three times. I also did not see myself getting married to him..these are my reasons for ending the relationship. The defense rests.

Anyway sha..i digressed..point was i had this conversation with the friend

Him: Xyz is engaged...he proposed to his girl
Me: oh for real? I didnt know sha..
Him: what do you mean you didnt know? It's all over facebook
Me: I'm not facebook friends with either one of 'em
Him: wow just amaze me
Me: wth?..what did i do?..i don't talk to either one of them..haven't for at least 2 years
Him: but you guys used to be in love
Kate: *rolls eyes*..."see excuses above...i mean i loved the guy...i know i wasn't in LOVE with the guy..I was 18..gimme a break"
Him: even point is you guys cared about each ex just had a baby and i hadn't spoken to her in years but i called her and said congratulations
Kate: ok..that's you, and you dated that chick for like 4 years...i just don't think that me saying anything adds or takes away from their happiness it hasn't for 5 years why should it now?..especially when they didnt tell me about it. That chapter in both our lives has been long closed and done with..

But seriously i in the wrong? Some ppl agree with me..and I dont think I should say doesn't remove anything from my life..but it doesn't add anything either. I mean yeah...good for them, if i see them i'll say congrats but I'm not sure that I want to go out of my way to say something to either one of them.


RocNaija said...

"i loved the guy... but i know i wasn't in LOVE with the guy.."

I hear that so often sometimes it never ceases to astonish me..

I'd probably have the same attitude if I were in your shoes..

Wish them all the best but don't feel the need to prove that I'm no longer bitter the person left

longstocking said...

Lol@ loved but not in love...that mess still doesn't make sense to me...i'm yet to hear a good explanation of what it really means but i digress...

You did nothing wrong. My ex got engaged, i heard about it but i sure as heck ain't saying congrats or what not cos he didn't tell me himself. I mean you all have no real connection as it no need for oversabi

Kate said...

@Roc..i'm definitely not the bitter person..i broke it off..and he's a nice guy so i really do genuinely wish them all the best..but from afar.

@pippi ..Ok..let me try and explain the I loved him but was not in love quote: Then i guess i thought i was in love..and that was my first relationship..but since then..i've had(ve) a relationship in which i know that yes i am truly madly and deeply in love with this person..and how i feel now is nothing compared to how i felt then when i loved the dude... i hope that makes did in my head.

Anonymous said...

really no need to go out of ur way to wish them anything.
if u see him or her.
If you dont, Hallelujah all d same jo.

TayneMent said...

wishing them well from afar.


TayneMent said...
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RocNaija said...

...but from afar.

There just had to be an addendum.

Tori said...

Congrats to them. why hire a PI to track them down to PROVE you're happy for them? Like you said jare, if you jam them somewhere, congratulate them. Dassit.

Kate said...

lol @ addendum...
cool.. i'm glad we all seem to be in agreement.