Friday, July 17, 2009

Psycho-ness or Puppy love?

So..i've decided to type this whole story in pidgin because some ppl be doubting my skills... i also had two drinks soooo....woooohooooo i feel good! i get this intern..make we call am Blessing. Blessing na proper fine babe and her personality dey shine well well. So..for this summer, she con finish first semester for school early, con start 'in internship but she con be the only ghel wey dey work with plenty plenty intern bobos. So..una know say at this age (na 1st and 2nd year college most of the pikins bin dey finish) ..bobos them get hormones plenty. Con dey dey interested in this my intern because she tall well well, con slender like this..con get personality and i don talk before sey she be fine girl.

Everyday when we dey for so bobos dey con find am..girl go dey sit jejely dey do 'in work na so bobos dey enter for my lab as if na market i dey..dey con disturb the girl..dey siddon dey watch am type. This don they hapun sotey..e get this one boy..make we call am Jason.. Jason be proper shy guy..I mean, the bobo fine and 'in play football for high school but 'in claim sey he no too get friend for high school. That tori sef dey do me one kind because everybody sabi sey football jock for high school dem famous and dem get plenty plenty groupies..i sha leave that side.

So Blessing con take it upon herself con say..make i befriend this boy because 'in want befriend boy make 'in get friends wey be boy but no be in boyfriend boyfriend like that (naive sontin like this!). Na so before you go fit shout jack robinson..bobo con develop feelings for the girl..con invite her to dey hangout. Blessing dey do like pesin wey dey brighteyed and bushytailed..con dey talk say "we're just friends..we can hangout" . Na so bobo take am for dinner..con say..make we go back to my place go watch moofie. Blessing no know sey dis na ambush. Bobo con introduce Blessing to all 'in family.

Make we fast forward two weeks..Blessing go vacation come back. Jason con ask am sey make she comeover so that 'in go make am dinner. At this point..she too con dey think sey bobo no bad..and we con dey hail the guy small small for 'in eye. So Blessing go the bobo house. Bobo con cook am dinner..con light candle..con give am wine (i don't condone underage drinking). After dinner, they con siddon for living room..con dey cuddle..bobo con talk say " be correct babe..everytime i see you my heart dey do me *giddygo-giddygo* i like you well well fine, you smart, you get personality wey dey nice"... Blessing con give the guy kiss..

Na so katakata con burst...bobo wey dey enter my lab 3 times a day before now con dey enter 12 times con dey siddon dey do Blessing work. Meanwhile..Blessing come work tell us say she don 4cup because 'in make mistake when 'in kiss bobo. She talk say bobo dey smother am. So she text the bobo and 'in text talk say "I dey very sorry..I no mean give you wrong impression when i kiss situation..make we no do boyfriend and girlfriend again..make we just try to remain friends"

Bobo con vexxxxxxx...con send her 17 texts while she dey work..dey talk say
" no fit understand wetin i dey feel, I bin tink say you care about i care about you well well..but you con hurt my feelings..why you tink sey things no go work...abi you tink sey because you go leave after summer go school e no go fit work?"
"Baybe girl make you at least give am fit work..this ting wey we get dey very beautiful..i never feel this way about anoda girl before..wetin change between when we dey my house and i dey hold you as you dey look into my eyes and today? Why you dey do me like this?"
All this after one kiss and two dates in two weeks o!!
So the girl con respond con write"i dey very sorry..but i no want again..i just want make i focus on this internship we dey do then i go go back to be nice boy..but i no do again..i just want to be friends"

Bobo no dey come our lab anymore..for one whole week, then yesterday na in bobo con send am email con talk say make them talk face to face..

Na in I come fear..because if after only 2 weeks the bobo dey act like i think say this no be normal young boy thing..this na psycho stuvvs...if una talk say bobo don make shrine for this girl..con dey save strands of the girl hair dey use am chop 'in morning cereal me i go believe o!!
So we advice the girl say make she talk to the bobo..but make she talk to am in public. She con gree...

So today..they go talk for atrium..bobo con talk say in dey sorry for overreacting..that na because of the feelings wey he get for the girl na 'in cause am to behave like that. The girl con say.."it's alright..i dey sorry too..but maybe we suppose take some time before we go try to be friends sef"
the bobo con talk say 'in no like that but e go respect im wishes... but make 'in suggest that make them no just be friend..'in no want put label on the thing but 'in want for them to be more than friends.
Blessing con talk sey " i no dey do wishywashy only definite stuvvs..and i only wan do definite just friendship with you".....
na so we see am o my people..
Me i talk sey this boy dey just a little bit too psycho...others dey talk say na puppy love. Wetin una think?

:D How was my pidgin?


Nice Anon said...

Na puppy love.. Make dem grow small then dem go hear am. Life no dey that sweet jare. This kain name wey you give de babe no fit persin wey set well well oo! Na wa. U for give am Sam or sometin wey sweet for ear.

She suppose maintain sha. Persin dey feel you .. you dey dia dey dull like dele.

Your pidgin try o!

tunrayo said...

LWKMD O! 'if una talk say bobo don make shrine for this girl..con dey save strands of the girl hair dey use am chop 'in morning cereal me i go believe o'

na puppy love o. make una free the boy small. He fit never get girlfrnd before talk less of kiss.

Ur pidgin too try. i no tink say i go fit write half wetin u write for here. I dey worried sha, how dem people from obodo oyinbo go fit read this one ehn?

Kate said...

lmao..correct babes!! puppy love na 'in be the consensus? I go still keep on eye on the bobo..i no trust in face.


puppy love can quickly develop into psycho-ability and it ain't cute!

She needs to jab the guy, whether na puppy love or not. That kain possessiveness get as e be... besides, he might learn to not be so clingy with the next girl that he fancies. She would be doing him and all his potential stalker victims a favor, lol!

Original Mgbeke said...

Shuoooo na how serial killer stuvvs go start. Abeg make Blessing watch her back o. Na wa!

Meanwoos you didn't do a bad job at all.

Fabulo-la said...

Puppy love ke?
My broda don get diploma in stalkerrity biko!
And I no agree with Nice ll them pple wey de bear Peace, Blessing, dem de set WELL WELL!
Ur pidgin try o!
but damn! How long did it take u to write that?

Lady Koko said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! i think just the plain fact that i used up quite a bit of my brain cells to DECODE this pidgin....has AMUSED BEYOND BELIEVE! i eventually got through,....MY WHITE GIRLS DAYS ARE returning to the roots babyyy!!!!!!
u knu u really can not put a time frame on thing i have learnt.....BUT YOU SURE AS HELL CAN CONTROL WHEN U REVEAL THIS TO THE BABE!!!!! bobo spoilt he's game with all that ass lickign and begging he was doing (NO WONDER HE DIDNT HAVE FRIENDS IN HIGH SCHOOL..clingy ass bitch! ouch!)HE NEEDS TO SUCK IT UP ALREADY! IF HE HAD JUST SAID TO THE GIRL..SURE...I UNDERSTAND...and not been such a WUSSY...beloeve me she would have gone looking for him! CANT STAND GUYS THAT HAVENT TAKEN THE TIME OUT TO LEARN ABOUT THE seriously dude...what were you doing between the ages of 12-18???? i wondeR OOO!!

Kate said...

@SS,Mgbeks and Fab-LOLA..seee..that's what i thought this day and age sef.. abeg..i'm watching that boy!!

LADY Koko has KILLED ME!! LMBAO! damn!! awww now i feel bad for the boy..but yea..he needs to get him some game..elsewhere and leave my intern alone!