Thursday, July 2, 2009

My name is Kate...and i confess

..that while i find it repulsive to walk past a guy and look back and catch him staring after me..i find it mildly "ego-reducing" when i walk past a guy and i turn around to catch him NOT staring!!

..that..(piggy backing on the 1st one) really is much less repulsive if the dude looks like say Idris Elba vs. if he has a six-headed bald head like neyo and a body like Kevin James.

..that while i'm an independent woman *car i'm driving..i bought it, rock i'm rocking i bought i live in i rented it* and stuff, I find it extremely sexy when I don't have to bring out my wallet to pay for stuff that i want but don't need when i'm out and about with my boobookins.

..that once again..while i can pay for my own drink and stuvvs...really fellas? You cannot expect to sit beside me and "conversate" with me without at least OFFERING to buy me a drink. 50% of the time i'll probably say no sha.

..that as enlightened and "secure" as i feel, I still check out chicks and compare especially physical attributes. I mean yeah your boobs are bigger than mine and you got a lil more booty than i do and stuff...or you are so freaking gorgeous and we thank God for you but damn..throw me a bone. Can i get you to develop a flaw?....halitosis? shemale? dumb as rocks? can't cook? farts in sleep? something!! :o

..that as much as it is not in my nature to be the jealous type in relationships..i slip up sometimes. This probably goes hand in hand with me being territorial.

..that..I LOVE kids.. and i was thinking about it this past weekend when i was chilling with a bunch of cuties..I'm ready to have kids. I mean my current situation might not allow it but mentally I think i'm there..eek!!

...that as much as i hate smelling cigarette smoke..(and this is probably gross)...i love the smell of alcohol mixed with cigarette smoke on guys' breaths.. eww right? Dunno..some ppl like the smell of toe jam..i like that smell..sue me.

...that while I accept that change is good and change is inevitable...i sometimes get gripped by these little mini panic attacks about this next stage in my life coming up.

...that ok i admit, i'm not the world's best dancer but I can hold my own on the dance floor..with white this rinky dink town..where no one really dances..and our "club" is inside a Holiday Inn....sooo i kinda don't want to be knocked off my throne as self proclaimed best dancing queen but i'm sure that i will be when i move! hmmpfffh!

...that i really have a problem with guys calling women bitches..or hoes..but i still listen to some songs that do..and i'm not really a feminist by any stretch of the imagination. Don't have a problem with girls calling other girls bitches or hoes tho..hmmm...

...that's all folks!!


Nice Anon said...

Contradictions should be the title of this post. You sef don confuseth me.

RocNaija said...

Hilarious in its randomness..

TayneMent said...

Ah, the Kate I know. Confused :D

tunrayo said...

...interesting. ok, so i numbered them for myself so i can do this:
lol @ no.5. I so support
guilty of no.11
p.s do we get more random confessions?

Kate said... these are not normal female "feelings" that i just happen to be brave enough to expose? it's really just mostly me? think i might have a problem.
I am not CONFUSED!!! know you agree with more than just #11..c'mon it's ok to admit it.:)

Gee said...

lol at the first one..."not catching them starring".