Thursday, July 23, 2009

F.I.V.E that spells baby :)

..shut up...that's how the song goes!!:)

5 things that I would like to do:
1. Take a vacay and do absolutely nothing..
2. Join a dance group..i be choreographing stuff in my head..but when i try it never looks the same..prolly cuz i also envision me as Ciara doing the dances in my head..hmmm that could be the problem
3. Be actively involved in a church..not just sunday sunday medicine
4. Write a book...actually wrote one with my best friend like 14 years ago..geez! i'm old..
5. Visit Europe

5 things that I look forward to:
1. Dessert :D: I'm a chocolate junkie!
2. Summer blockbuster movies
3. Going home after work to watch "Bones": this is a new development
4. Starting a new adventure in a new city!!
5. The next 4.0-infinity years :)

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:
1. I guess my cellphone..NO IT'S NOT A BLACKBERRY!! hmmpfff..
2. My laptop
3. My Passport
4. My ipod
5. My purse

5 random things about me:
1. I hate getting in the shower after's all wet and stuff
2. I can usually memorize 85% of a song after hearing it once
3. I love the whole packing and unpacking process...
4. I'm the funniest person in my family..honest!! so much so that i usually have to copyright my jokes so that my sisters don't take credit for them when they are retelling them later on..they still usually do..monkeys!!
5. I love coming into work every morning...sometimes i dance in to work... :)

5 things that I’m wearing right now:
1. glasses
2. jeans
3. purple tank top
4. brown sweater
5. matching underwear (ha! take that taynement..elevate ya skivvies! )


uNWrItten* said...

copied from mgbeke i nice 1...

Fabulo-la said...

Matching underwear??? Like seriously?

RocNaija said...

"The next 4.0-infinity years"????

**Proceeds to scratch head**

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL! I choreograph dance moves in my head too. I recently did a mental one for Lady Gaga's 'Love Game'.
You skip into work? wow! I wanna be like you.

Kate said...

@Fab-Lola i was having an on point day!! what can i say :)
@roc..head lice? dandruff? Go and update jo!
@Mgbeks..:) i think it's mostly the people that i love about my job.

tunrayo said...

you might just be the only one i know that likes packing and unpackig. I love moving i just wish i had someone to do the whole packing and things.

...matching underwear, nice