Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See me see trouble o!

So in the summer of '05..i worked at a boy's and girls club summer camp with a bunch of bad ass kids.. I just found this correspondence with one of my students...

Young Boywrote:Mrs. Kate i know you are 22 years old but you are very pretty and i know i am very young but age is not nothing but a number
Me: Mrs. would imply that i was married, which i'm not. Thanks for the compliment :) age aint nothing but a number but 16 is a really small number
Young Boywrote: so what you trying to say that i am very young i know that so how many times you going to throw that in my face. Ps.Where (s'posed to be we're) on the internet so i cant get in trouble for what i say on here so tell me what is on your mind.
Me: nothing is on my and yeah u can't get in trouble period....i can

see me see trouble..boy trynna make me look like a pedophile and ish!! I only got his email address because I offered to help them with any homework problems they might have... :o.

Anyhoo..just a random flashback
what's hood ppl?


CIL said...

1st :)
At least he didn't ask you u were special... tihi (inside joke with self)

CIL said...

At least he didn't ask if* u were special... tihi (inside joke with self)

By the way why do people celebrate being first to comment again?

TayneMent said...

hmmm, who to believe the boy or Kate?:D

Kate said...

you know i'm a saint!!

Dunno why ppl celebrate oh..but i like being first...:)

RocNaija said...

lol.. No harm in trying, no??