Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Open Letter

Dear VH1,
How’s tricks? Good..good. Say..did humanity as a whole do something to offend you in your past life? Don’t get me wrong, I mean at first..it was all fun and games..Flavor of Love was comical…as was Celebrity Fit Club. I admit that I also watched the Surreal Life and My Fair Brady. BUT..VH1…you’ve gone too far. TOO FAR SHEY YOU’VE HEARD? In less than 10 years..you have managed to generate so many craptacular shows that have skyrocketed people to stardom who have no business being anywhere near a camera and people who left to their own devices would probably be in charge of the fry station at What-A-Burger (don’t get me wrong..ain’t nothing wrong with honest work). When pray tell..is all this foolishness going to stop? I’ll even give you For the Love of RayJ because Danger smashing the homies was funny but you should be shot for all the I Love Money seasons..as well as letting this fool! (below) ever get 1..talk less of 4 shows. Who pitches this stuff? Who accepts it? All involved parties need to be shot!
Rock of Love 1 &2? Daisy of Love? Charm School 1 &2? Brooke Knows Best? Breaking Bonaduce? (ok..that was a pretty sad show sha)…Miss Rap Supreme..with Kaia (seriously wth was that about?..and the one eyed chick?!)..Gotti’s way? I Want to Work for Diddy? Scott Baio is 45 and single..and 46 and pregnant? OMG Real Chance of Love?

Seriously..somebody needs to talk to you guys about this nonsense..this ish has to stop. And you have the guts to claim you are trying to Save the Music? Meanwhile I have to suffer through the same 3 recycled music videos every freaking morning. Y’all ain’t trynna save no damn music..you’re busy auditioning those kids for your next generation of 15 minute entertainment cash cows and to fill up your future shows. Your new craziness is Megan wants a millionare..and you have now inspired BET to just sign up every baby mama and reformed crackhead off the street for their own shows.. I mean heck..I could get my own freaking show!! Me & the Carnies taking up residence in the open field next to my apartment...it would be a hit!!! :o.

VH1...please..sometime in the near future..you gotta stop. Let scripted reality finally rest peacefully in it's grave.

Dear John Gosselin,
Let’s skip the formalities shall we? I understand that life is not always easy. And that things don’t normally go the way we plan. I even understand that you sorry excuse for a father…who at 22 decided along with yer crazy bride that it was OK for you to have in vitro fertilization..are human after all. However..explain this to me ok..explain to me why after citing being followed 24/7 as the partial cause of the demise of your marriage you decide that the next logical is to carry you and your doobie smoking homewrecker of a girlfriend to paris to pose for pictures? Shouldn’t you be in the nearest rabbit hole hiding out away from the press for all eternity? I hope Kate jacks you for every single Audigier cent you get you spineless loser!!! Ode mumu!!!


tunrayo said...

LOL! Kate o, take it easy. ROTFL at craptacular shows. maybe you shoud start watching CNN and discovery channel steady now. Dont want you bombing the VH1 studio.


Anonymous said...

lol...easy oh!!i feel u though!
but dnt u see hw kate treats him..h eprolly wanted a girl that treats him as a man.

Kate said...

LMAO..i'm calm i swear. And i do watch discovery channel..and cnn-lite aka cnn.com daily news summary :(

@ leggy...u know..i know Kate..the other kate is slightly psycho but he knew all this..it was after the cameras were on him that he's like.."dude..the whole world now realizes i'm a punk"..8 kids too late! hmmpff!

:) woosah..see..calm like buddha!

TayneMent said...

Hey!(besides the new york shows) leave my Vh1 alone. I confess that I have watched everything they have shown :(. Besides, how do you know they show craptastic shows if you don't watch 'em. :p

Leave Jon alone jo, Kate kinda went behind his back and got the sextuplets, he told her he wasn't ready but you know how kates be, she had to have her own way and went ahead and got six kids.

Tori said...

Wooooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Just read your letter to Jon to My coworkers:D

MPB said...

This is one of my favorites of all your posts!!!

Kate said...

@ Tori...:D do they know what Ode mumu means?

@ MPB..chenks dude!!