Saturday, July 25, 2009

Up..Up..and Awake!

Urrgghh! don't you just hate when you take long naps during the day and end up waking up at like 9pm and not being able to go back to sleep? Suckity sucks sucks! Thank God it's saturday sha..cuz this wouldn't fly tomorrow o!
So..what does one do when they can't go to sleep? Why blog of course... what to blog about..hmmmnn..*obviously my lazy ass didn't finish this blog till just now..God please help me and my procrastinating ways!7/27*
On the NaS and Kelis know..i find it hard to feel sorry for NaS. I mean it's not like Kelis is some gold digging moocher..she actually had a career. But she's never come off as the most stable person ever. Everything could've probably been settled all nicely out of court..maybe he wouldn't have had to end up paying this crazy $55k or whatever..but nooooo!! ppl be doing stronghead..oya now..go pay! You sef you didnt know who you married. Shebi you are God's son..hope you still talk to Him because're gon need some help with that buddy! *don't know the full story/ details*
So now dudes are getting all upset and crying foul and unfair...DING!DING!DING! fools! since when has the justice system ever been fair talk less of life? :hahaha: PAY SUCKER PAY!!!

On Ryan Gosling..has anyone else noticed how swaggerliciously sexy his walk is? That boy is just all kinds of every single movie!..Yum-o! Rachel McAdams is a hottie too! I covet her body. YES i'm watching The Notebook for the 6th's on tv. It's not one of those movies i can watch over and over again..i just watch it cuz the sex scene was hot. :blush:..don't side eye me!! Old age sha...James Garner used to be a hottie back in the day...not as hot as my Paul Newman tho..but aight none the less.

On my buddy just got engaged. Young boy like this! I'm happy for them. So you know how when ppl get engaged you ask them "How did you know she was the one?"..but as per my dude..I've seen and heard all about his conquests and although I've never met her...there's obviously something about her that got him. Is he a different person or has he changed? Nah..i dont think so. I don't think he's settling down because of age or whatever..I think he finally realizes that he's found his better half..abi soulmate so why wait? cute stuff huh?

On Black in America Deux..i totally didnt watch it! *hangs head in shame* but i'm sure i'll catch it sooner or later. But i read (read: skimmed) article by Africangal on CNN reporters at large..I think. Where she talked about her experiences and how she feels more comfortable around Africans than African Americans. Ya know..i understood where she was coming from. For the longest time (read: till like last year)I really didn't associate much with African Americans mainly because I had really bad experiences with classmates in high school. And I can't honestly say that if i wasn't thrown into a situation where the only ppl my age in my hood were african american..I still wouldn't have any african american's funny because one day we were having a conversation..about something and i was adamant about not being called african american. My roommate was like
AA#1 : You're african american..our ancestors are from the same place
Me: Um..probably ancestors never made it onto the boat
AA#1 and AA#2: give each other a look..
WHAT? it's true..obviously my ancestors never made it onto the boat.

It's just really interesting how different my two african american friends are sha..
AA#1 has natural hair, plans to get locks once she's established in her all about black ppl..all their names in their family are apparently afrocentric..only dates black people..went to Spelman..refused to go see Jesus Christ Superstar with me because the guy portraying Judas was black..EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE ORIGINAL guy that played JESUS that was playing JESUS AGAIN!! GOSH..i still dont get that.

AA#2 gets her biweekly blowouts and about ppl in general..has the whitest name ever..dates whoever..also went to a HBCU but she did that because she'd gone to all white schools all her life.

But I digress.... the point i was trying to make was "once bitten twice shy"..if i hadn't been put in this situation, I'd have probably never been close friends with any african americans based on my experiences in high school. But I'm glad I was because their friendships have been invaluable.

On my baby turning 1..I can't believe boojoogooboojoo! My lil nephew is turning one. He's so adorable and i'm upset that i don't get to spend enough time with him. I miss him all the time. I recycle because of him, I'm deeper into my research because of him..I would give my right arm, kidney, lungs, liver, heart..whatever for him. Happy Birthday Googoo!! This aunty right here loves you!!


RocNaija said...

Insomnia is a female dog..
Welcome to the club!! :D

I bet your nephew is adorable..
You had me crosschecking the date on my notebook again when I read your first paragraph..

Fabulo-la said...

@Roc: Insomnia is a female dog??
Shoo?? how u take know that one biko???

@Kate: I totally feel u on being black in America. Im def 100% african. My ancestors did not make it out of the country........

except for school

TayneMent said...


female dog = bitch, so insomnia is a bitch.

@Roc, find a cure for your insomnia!

uNWrItten* said...

awwww i have a nephew in america 2 was pretty good..

48 said...

Kate: ah procrastination is the one and only "female dog" there is...God help me too. Hmm your friend is prolly one of the few who caught up on the whole "one bird in hand is worth a 1000 in the bush" thing real quick - smart fella. Wish him luck and happiness. Aww happy first to your honeybunches

P.S: Will I get stoned if I say I don't kno what "black in america" is *darts off to google*

Fabulola: abeg the man is trying to be politically correct now...

Roc: do you hv kids or love kids or somn? Not that I'm stalking you or anything o *touches ear*

Nice Anon said...

well well.. Here I was ready to hound you about not updating.. but atlas you did update! You're learning one or two things about being a good

Kate said...

@ Roc..he is THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!like ever..he is like cloud shaped bunnies cute!
@Fab-Lola..don't say that to some ppl o..they get offended!
@unwritten..aren't nephews just the best?
@48..*throws a boulder*..especially if you are indeed in america AND black!
@Nicey...seeeeeeeeeee..i'se able to learns things! :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I hate that too and wonder why I always almost do that....AND CAN NEVER GO BACK TO SLEEP!!


gosh, I have serious sleep issues!

Haven't watched Black in America but might check it out online.
Hope all is well and congrats to your nephew!


Anonymous said...

no comment on the nas and kelis them both.