Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Ranting

I know facebook is the new marketplace/venue for expression and I admit that i've been on both sides of the fence with these MJ status updates. On one hand i'm like ok this is incessant but on the other ..all the negative comments and ppl complaining about ppl making a big deal and about other ppls comments just freaking pissed me off.
I'm like YOU WISH THAT IN YOUR LIFETIME YOU ACCOMPLISHED AN OUNCE OF WHAT THIS MAN ACCOMPLISHED IN 50 yrs. You wish that in your lifetime you made such and impact on so many ppl in so many different places. How about you try effecting some change in the world instead of coming up in hear criticizing ppl trying to pay tribute to Michael. WE LOVE HIM..we appreciate his impact as a musician, acknowledge the problems he had..and celebrate him as a humanitarian..so kindly back off!!!
Before it was "cool" for celebrities to be humanitarians...Michael been don did it.
No other artist..EVER..in the history of the world..has sold as many records as he has.
And i'm totally speculating and I hope i'm wrong..but if his kids are not his biologically then all that talent, that heart, that everything has been totally wiped off the face of the earth...never replicated..Michael Jackson...the legend..is extinct. But that's ok because his imprint will be on this earth forever.

I honestly did have more rants..but i'm watching this Michael Jackson memorial and i think i've finally accepted that he's gone. Wow.
From nothing....FROM NOTHING!!! to the legend.


TayneMent said...

Passionate(Militant)Kate :D

RocNaija said...

I'd hate to get on your wrong side..

Heard a silly rumour yesterday..
That he wasn't actually dead..
But needed an excuse to not do those shows in the UK..


Original Mgbeke said...

I felt really sad watching the memorial. *sniffs*