Monday, July 13, 2009

Ooooh..yeah, i wish you happy birthday..ooooh yea..very many many happy returns :)

To the person who has been responsible for:
- 55% of my smiles
- 70% of my laughs
- 40% of my motivation
And who has 100% of my heart..100% of the time
Amazing,supportive,caring,brilliant,kind,loving,thoughtful,sexy,intriguing, funny,i nspiring, special, talented, always-in-my corner, everything I ever thought I wanted and needed…through everything..I wouldn’t change anything because I cannot...will not imagine being on this journey with anyone else.
As you begin another year…may your life be continually enriched with all the joys and successes and accomplishments that you deserve. May God continue to pour out all His love and wisdom and blessings upon you!!! Know that for every second of the next 365 days till forever that you are loved!! Happy birthday babe!! Muah!!


TayneMent said...

Wow!. Happy birthday to Mr.Babe.

Fabulo-la said... r u sure its a Mr.?
Happy birthday to Mr.Babe o!

Tori said...

Happy birthday o, Mr. Babe, f'real.

Biko, Kate, can you please send me the formulae used to calculate the percentages? :D

Kate said...

LMAO @ Mr. Babe...
@ Fabulo-la..ya know? It might be a chick..or a chimp.. :)
@ Tori..simple algorithm i used :) I'ma email it to ya!!

Pippe said...

oh wow!! H.Bday Mr. Babe indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

lol...happy birthday to whoever..lmao.

MPB said...

wow who knew you could gush like this. made me wish I was teh recipient.