Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music makes me lose control

I'm totally just bumming it...doing absolutely nothing and enjoying the crap out of it...

Jamming to my -badly-in-need-of-an-update-ipod. Men music is soo awesome!! D'y'all ever focus on certain parts of a song and play it over and over again cuz it's just sooo...touching? Not necessarily deep...sometimes it's cuz of the words..other times it's cuz of the artist's voice/delivery..for example

"I am a fighter..i ain't gon stop..there is no turning back..i've had enough!"--Christina Aguilera's "fighter" i the only one that develops just the most arrogant lil walk when i'm listening to this song? Yea..probably :) LMAO...ppl that see me probably be is wrong with this chick?

"..are you waiting for a special occasion

to give me your heart

cuz i need a little confirmation

to make a real start!!...don't wait till it's too late"

....that's from Fefe Dobson "everything"


"...i have lost the dignity i had before

trying to pleeeeaassee everybody"--Lucky Dube "slave"..sad stuff..


"'s a little too late for you to come back

say it's just a mistake think i'd forgive like that

if you thought i would wait for thought wrong.."--Beyonce "if i were a boy"


"It's's's ovverr this's's oooooovvverrr"--Jesse McCCartney "it's over" as in how many times do I have to say it's over

and for the chops/delivery

Lady Gaga.."Just Dance" ...3:48-3:56 in the video on's not overly showy or christina aguilera-ry but something about when she's screaming "Baybay....BAY....BAY..e..yeah!!" just makes me rewind that part over and over again

Jojo..."Too little too lat"..2:40 to 3:00..the song where she goes.."Yeeahhh...OH Lord (i think she says oh lord)...yeaahh yeah yeah yeah...wooo!..laaaayaaeete....yeah just like the chase baybay!"'s not even's rapping...One of my favorite rappers is Bun B..i think it's just a combination of his voice, how he delivers it and what he's saying... Personally..i think he upstaged Jay-Z on big pimping..then again i'm probably biased..

There's probably a lot more..but that's all i can think i'm getting distracted by the shuffle.. anyone out there care to share their favorite lyrics/delivery?


Nice Anon said...

Ahh music. I remember "Ether" like it was yesterday when Nas dished it to Jigga. And who could forget Roxanne Shante who started the whole diss movement.
I miss the old CamRon. Not the "get em daddy" CamRon of nowadays. I still like Julez and his ad libs. Papoose is a good rapper but will not make it in the mainstream because he doesn't have the swag! I miss old hip hop! When lyrics were stronger and it wasn't all about the paper.
Diddy on the other hand is a career killa! Loon, Mase, Da band,Cassie etc all saw downfall of their careers because of him.
I still love some good ol Westlife. Lol see how i am making a mini post up here

RocNaija said...

Lol @ ^^^
Miss Nice Anon knows her music.

Right now, I'm listening to Jigga's 'black album' and the words from 'What more can I say'..

"They say they never really miss you / Till you're dead or you're gone / So on that note I'm leaving after this song."

QMoney said...

Hi there,thanks for your message.i appreciate

I thought i was a fan of music until i met my sister,she puts on her fone rigth from wens he wakes up till wen she sleepsna t night even wen she's supposedly watching a movie......*phew*

areatowncrier said...

Try our boy, Mode 9.Something titled 'Death Blow'.Sure to hype you up.Nice blog.

Kate said...

Niceanon..u just get cooler by the minute dont ya!.I confess that i secretly love the whole of Dip set.
@ Roc..there's just something about jigga that does me one kind..i still have some of his songs tho..they have a pesky way of sneaking in!
@Qmoney..umm your sister is not normal o!! lol
@areatowncrier..Mode9..gotcha..thanks :)

Original Mgbeke said...

I totally expected Taynement to comment on this post. LOL

Lady X said...

Ooh I totally get the parts you were talking about in the videos without checking! I love music and I SO start changing the way I walk depending on the song I'm listening to lmao! I thought I was the only one that did that!