Thursday, October 8, 2009

Standing Up for what you believe in...

Shall we address why i'm still up at freaking 2:27am even though I have class tomorrow and was twenty minutes late to class yesterday cuz i slept late? Let's not! has the monopoly on the best reality shows - Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor.

I'm not going to go into details but I just watched 3 episodes of Survivor ONDEMAND and can I just say it revived my dwindling hope for black America?
This random dude Ben was calling this black chick Jasmine ghetto trash cuz she was accusing him of bodyslamming her in a challenge. Ben (a bar manager) later called her a bitch and said that she should go eat ketchup sandwiches and drink koolaid.
Enter our hero first i thought he was a proper naija boy..but then he spoke and i was like..."awww man..nah he ain't but he's still cute tho..sans the two toned southern exposure"....

All this while...*Ben and Jaison are on the same team...Jasmine is on the other team..she was visiting their camp for the day*
All this while, Jaison was just quiet, observing..and I'm like "ok i know this is a game..but can my black man please stand up for me?"...(well not me but you get).
So sha...that episode goes by and Ben is still there..Jaison still aint said jack.
Next episode...Ben is even more obnoxious and annoying..or maybe i just really dont like the guy more...and Jaison is like.."dude made some racial comments"..."dude's gotta go!!"
Errbody else including Russell (who is another case) was like "nah men..let's take out a girl and leave him for next time".Jaison is like..."dude's gotta go!"
So they all go to tribal council where they vote...and after some back and forth between Ben and Jaison...Jaison finally gives this speech..speech to rival any and all of Obama and MLK's speeches put together (ok...i'm exaggerating). But brought tears to my eyes. I said a special prayer for his parents for raising him right!
He said:

"I just have to draw a line in the sand. And I have to say that there is no 1 million dollars that is worth me sitting up with him anymore. I mean, I sat here and watched him scream at Yasmin at our camp, and over here, saying incredible things. So is there a way to patch this rift? I don't think so. But I'm not going to sit in camp and listen to this guy. I'm just not.You should have some sensitivity to history. And historically when certain comments are made and directed toward certain people it is because of race. If what you're telling me what you said had no racial context, then maybe what Yasmin said is right and you are ignorant.”- Jaison

*guess her name is Yasmin not Jasmine :D

Chineke!! I wanted to applaud!! I was filled with this renewed sense of hope..and pride. That's what we need. More men to stand up for what they believe in. Was Yasmin wrong?..ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY....but that is not the point..let her wallow in her own ignorance. Years from now she will look back and regret her actions..but Jaison never ever will.

So even if RIP Black in America is right and the Jaisons of the world will go on to marry white women..while the Yasmins of the world stay picking no good men and being loud and nonsubmissive...that's ok too. Maybe it's natural selection..cuz i know that regardless of who Jaison marries (as I book my UHAUL to relocate to chitown)..he will instill in his progeny that idea of believing in something and standing up for it!! I hope. In short Jaison is on my prayer list!

About Jaison...Jaison Robinson is a 28 year old law student from Chicago. Undergrad from Stanford. US National Water Polo team :), Loves physical activities *ahem*...plays the piano and the cello...uh...did i mention he was named Mr Califorina by Cosmo in 2006? Oh i didnt? Did i mention that i was relocating to the Chi? LOL!! Trynna find a cuter picture than what's on


Myne Whitman said...

You're moving to Chi-town right? You might run into Jaison. LOL

I like his style too, non confrontational but delivers the message. I wish him luck in the programme.

TayneMent said...

lol Kate, you are such a drama queen.

Nice Anon said...

I agree Tayne.

Kate said...

Lol..Myne..i was just kidding on the chitown tip..somn tells me there's not too many Jaisons up there :D

@ Nicey and Taynment....I AM SOOOOO NOT A DRAMA QUEEN!! should have been there..and seen!! IT WAS AWESOME!! LIFE CHANGING!! :Dsharraps!

Nice Anon said...

See how dramatized your reply is even? we lo you all the same sha

Anonymous said...

Girl oo girl I thought i was the only one that saw stars when i watched that episode . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...someone had to tell Ben better still straighten that man up. his behavior was worse than what Yasmin did.

We need more men like Jaison; he puts a smile on my face 24/7

Cant wait 4 tonite's episode.

N about Russell, lord oo lord i dont remember the last time i saw someone full of think he's got everyone under his fingers..I cant w8 to c him go

YAY to Jaison!

Nice Anon said...

My fellow music lover .. You don hear new mario song "thinking about you"? If not biko give it a listen. Where you dey sef?

Kate said...

@ ANON...YES!!! see..someone out there feels me!! thank you jare! mschew @ tayne and nicey!!

@nicey i dey o...i'll listen to it right now!!