Friday, October 16, 2009

Je vis pour Vendredi!!

Yayyy it's friday!!!

and Yay!!! I'm a good mood because God is wonderful and faithful and even though my mustard seed faith wavers...He's still faithful. I'm sure He must shake his head at me when I'm being chicken little!

Today is my dad's birthday!...yay!! My dad is awesome and I love him and the sacrifices that he and my momma made for their kids!! I just hope I make them proud! :)

So..yesterday/this week i was all ready to blog about my version of evolution (cuz i don't believe in the current version) and how it applies to interracial dating and marriage..but then SOMEONE!!! told me that I'd gone off the deep end with my stereotypes cuz I've been in isolation...I still think i have something sha..but let me sleep on that a little bit.

I've realized...even though i thought i knew this a while back..than music just makes me happy. I used to love studying to music but then i was scared that i wouldn't be able to remember stuff on exams cuz i wouldn't be allowed to have headphones on..but I can't just not listen to music all now i just listen when I'm walking.
Top 10 on steady repeat (yes they are all old)
1. MI - illegal music - track 2-- the one that goes "i can paint a picture with a pen"
2. MI - illegal music - Gbono fe li freestyle...i love MI!!
3. Lady Gaga - Just Dance...that's the only Lady Gaga song i have on my ipod but it puts me in such a good mood..i ALWAYS dance..regardless of where I am.
4. Good girls go bad! - Starship cobra
5. Superhuman - Chris Brown f. Keri Hilson
6. Maino - All the above
7. Ego- Beyonce...i dunno..i get in these beyonce moods..I'm so going to learn that dance..just cuz i wanna
8. Nickelback - I'd come for you
9. Buy you a drink -the remix with Trey Songz...
10. Redeemer - Nicole C. Mullen...i love the part where she says "Because He lives I can face tomorrow"

Heb. goel; i.e., one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs (Lev. 25:48, 49; Num. 5:8; Ruth 4:1; Job 19:25; Ps. 19:14; 78:35, etc.). This title is peculiarly applied to Christ. He redeems us from all evil by the payment of a ransom (q.v.). (See REDEMPTION.)
deep stuvvs!

11. Use somebody-Kings of Leon..but it's not on my ipod
@Mgbeks..i was gonna comment on ya blog about the whole running thing..I dunno about no marathon status type running yet (been scared ever since some 23yr old collapsed and later died running the Baltimore marathon) but...i would love to run the 5k someday. There's this couch to 5k running training type thing that I've been helps you stay fit and it trains you to pace yourself while should checkirrout if you are interested. Ahem..I'm on week 3..I've been on week 3 for like 2 weeks *blush* don't judge me!! this girl is busy and thangs!!'s getting cold!! soooo not cool.
Enjoy the weekend folks...stay warm


TayneMent said...

who is the someone? :D

I'd come for you, huh?

Myne Whitman said...

Ego and Redeemer are also on my playlist. Nice songs.

Original Mgbeke said...

Hahaha, I enjoyed this post. I likey your play list and likey most of the songs on it. I actually chuckled at the mental image of you dancing on the train/in class/some random place to 'Just dance'.
Thanks a lot for the link, I really need to get back in shape and I sure will shekirrouts. You should join our autism team. :-D

Nice Anon said...

I ran for a little bit until my knees started giving me wahala so i just stopped and sticked to ellipticals.

The only type of music that gets me dancing is coupe decale. I swear often times people think I am from Ivory coast or Cameroon.

Repressed One said...

Me and running! *sigh*
...I actually came across that link a while ago, printed the schedule and all but i haven't done anything with it :( lol
...I walk to naija music and i actually dance as i walk...on the street.

Happy Bday to your pops!! I'm sure you make em proud.

Sugarking said...

I love music too jare. I love it so much I've started making mine. Can't read with it tho. I find myself singing along hence losing concentration in my work.

Happy Birthday to ur pops too!!!

Kate said...

@Tayney...guilty conscience dey worry you? got good taste yo! lol'm a good 30second elevator dancer o!when is the autism race?
@Nicey...I have a bum knee too..but just one. I usually try to stretch it enough before i run. actually just pictured you walk dancing...dancewalking? that could be a speedwalking..heehe
@Sugarking..i guess i sing along too. make music? *sits up* like M.I type music? :)