Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In hibernation

Hi y'all
I'm commenting on all blogs in spirit
@MPB...i see ya!! LOL..and you are entirely too old to be clubbing..so um please stop
@Tayney: nice randoms...

Ermn...oh yeah
Happy Birthday to the woman who gave me life!! LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!always and forever!!!

So..I'm studying/watching MTV and stuff
I suck at returning phone calls

Back to MTV
based on their appearance on TV
Justin bobby type men are very rampant i think...and sooo annoying!! like ENOUGH with the head games..grow the hell up and stop being such an ass!!
Spencer..lmao...only Heidi's can handle
Poor Audrina....
Women are smarter than all this bullshit aren't we?
But damn our forgiving, nurturing hearts..always willing to give second and seven hundredth chances...ok maybe not all women
It's also scripted and makes for good tv so who knows what goes on when he cameras go off.

New Victoria secret bra instantly adds 2 bra sizes? WHAT? Mgbeks head of the IBTC better get on that o!! I'm copping me two as we speak!!

God forgive me but my whiny roommate just whined my name and i once again pretended that i was listening to something when i'm actually not so that i dont have to hear her whine about the same thing that me i'm studying for.lol

Ugh my hair!! I need dominicans!! soon please!!! somewhere..i'm so tempted to venture towards the hood to see what i can find!

Soooooo..... powdered flax seeds + oatmeal+peak milk + splenda = Omazing!!!

Dear Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8,
if i never heard anything about you in the next second..it would be toooooooo freaking soon..please drop off the face of the earth soon.

Judge Judy is soooo funny i love her

Why didnt anyone tell me how good jerk chicken is?..I had this amazing sandwich and i've been thinking about it since

I admit that..sigh...i'm now on board the indomie train!! yes 50 years later..them things are the ish..with some sardines!!! who knew..i'm still trying to get mines up to par with the master tho!! :)

I want Kristin to show that Justin Bobby boy pepper!!

lol..sorry...mismash at it's best!!


Myne Whitman said...

Funny post, I think that Jon guy is a bad belle guy too.

Long time, how you dey?

TayneMent said...

powdered flax what? only you.

Andrea said...

Love judge judy.. Thats my show at 6pm daily.

Tori said...

Ditto Taynement. Powedered wha??

LOL @ Master-Chefdom of Indomie. Secondary school killed sardines for me. I can't stomach them anymore.

You JUST discovered Indomie? Wow.

I had a hair dresser I loved in Baltimore, trying to remember her name. She was the only black person at the Hair Cuttery at the Towson mall. I'll let you know once I remember her name.

Kate said...

@Myne..you know!!! i'm just sick of hearing about how he feels like he was wronged in all this!
@Tayney...it's really good for your heart they say...leave me!
@Andrea...she's just sooo rude but i love it!!...kinda like wendy williams but she has authority!!:D How's married life?
@Tori..thanks homie!! also..if you like you can buy ME sardines..i'll eat them for ya! :)

MPB said...

Hi Chillun...you just may be right about clubbing days...time for plays and cycling apparently...lol. Judge Judy is the bomb diggity, I sometimes fantasize about her scolding my patients. You have a whiny roomate? lol. Take care!

Nice Anon said...

you are all over the place this chic. only you dey watch and follow all these drama?