Monday, November 23, 2009

Random...or not so random

Arrrggghhhh...i just wasted a perfect opportunity to tell somebody off even though i was well within my rights to do so and it is pinching me badly!

I suck at keeping in touch but I definitely crave about 6 or 7 tete-a-tetes soon.

I just realized that I do not like rejection..i mean nobody does but NO LIKEY.

I'm not ready for a new week...short or not

In this moment I am happy and I feel lucky and i think that's the annoying part is that i'm like if only you knew how I'd just back the hell off and support me...but you dont..or you dont care

Men it's so foggy out

So i used to be this big ol' ball of emotions, mostly anger/indignation but I think i've calmed down a lot..i still get emotional about injustice,ignorance and just plain stupidity'd never know it huh? :D

I know I'm biased...and like with Keanu Reeves i have decided that M.I is my one and only favorite nigerian rapper..there is no swaying my vote..except maybe for jesse jagz but even he has to take a backseat to my M.I 99% of the time

I realized on friday that i do not have the stomach for research involving live animals...even's just so can you imagine breading thousands of mice only to kill them for research that might not amount to anything? What if someone did that to humans? So not cool!

I tried to make ogbono soup this came out as soup..but not the type of ogbono that i'm used to. I know! I know! Shame on me! Help/recipes/video tutorials followed by shipment of samples for taste testing would be appreciated from my correct naija chikitos! Thank ya!

Peace,Love and have wonderful week!


MPB said...

OMG!!! I am first on someone's blog...cos my ass is at My ogbonno soup here does not draw no matter what i do, so i wont be much help here. Have a gd week.

tunrayo said...

i suck at keeping in touch too...and ive never made ogbono. i have no idea how its done but i like eating it. if yours turns out well in the end, send some to me :)

have a lovely week yourself

Anonymous said...


Harry-Rami Itie said...

LOL!!! I guess you need a new recipe...

Myne Whitman said...

What was wrong with the Ogbono? If you used ogbono, it would draw no matter what.

Tori said...

Dude, I cannot make Ogbono. I don't even try, I just wait for my mom to come and make it.

Repressed One said...

I make a mean pot of Ogbono :).

...the ogbono you used might have been the problem tho'. I've had that happen too.

Kate said... @ it not drawing..mind that correct? drew? did drawing even start being used to describe consistency. LOL..only naija ppl would understand that!
@tunrayo..send my ya addy!! i'll freeze and care package it for ya. talk am o! my mom DOES NOT put okro in her soup and it comes out perfectly. so! how insightful of you!
@Myne: it drew, it was just missing something or it had just didnt taste to my liking
@Tori...can your mom come make some for me?
@RepOne...err..this is the part where you share ni! :( It's possible, I will try it with fresher/fresh from naija ogbono next time.

Original Mgbeke said...

I've never tried Ogbono actually, even though my mom always brings it when she comes. Maybe that will be my next project but in actuality, I am not a huge fan of the soup.

Andrea said...

lol at ogbono soup.