Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Five books that changed my life

Ok. granted, some of these books i dont really remember much after I read it, but at that point in time, I take what I learn and I apply it. I should go back and reread some of 'em cuz they were really good!

Sorry for not blogging for so long. I guess I have to be in a certain type of mood to blog properly and I'm sort of back in that mood now again. This is just hopefully the warmup before the work out.

Book #1

I got it for myself on February 14th, 2004 and it has day by day devotionals in it which I sometimes try to stick to. Usually tho, I either pick a book and try to finish it or I just say a quick prayer asking God to direct me to the page He wants me to learn the most from at that point in time..some days it's Ruth, some days it's Matthew. It's just so uncanny how no matter where it is, It really does speak to whatever it is I'm going thru at that moment. Every woman should own one!

Book #2
I'll confess first. At my old church, we did this forty days of purpose thing and I fully intended to do it with the church as a church but for watever reason, I slacked off. I'm still slacking off, I need someone to do it with me and make me accountable. From what I've read so's been really good. It pretty much just taught me how to focus my attention and resources on my if I could only find out what my purpose is, then we'll be in business. So anonymous readers, if u are interested...go ahead and hit me up, we'll work something out. :)

Book #3

The main reason why I love this book is because it is simple.Just like the bible and the constitution, it is written in such a way that you can take the words to mean anything to you. Hopefully not like crazy nuts who completely take stuff from the bible and constitution out of context. It's about a man on a journey to find his own personal legend. This just goes with the whole purpose thing.I think I see a pattern.

Book #4

This book came to me at a time when I was going through some stuff..maybe i'll write about that someday. Maybe. I had had it forever, I think I got it from some Christians on Campus group on Black Wednesday but i never read it. We were home for christmas break and I didn't have anything else to do, so I was like hey, why not. I started reading it and by the time I finished I was in tears. I think I read it on December 31st,2003 and I havent had a bad year since. The main realization I came to after reading this is that my parents are human. It may sound strange because I mean duh obviously they are but I never let them be human. I was always so hurt when I felt that the did something to me. But me allowing them to be human also allowed me to be able to see past their flaws and forgive them more easily. It also made it easier for me to love them not because I had to because they are my parents but because I got to know them better not as parents but as humans and got to love them that way...ok, I'ma stop before I start crying.

Book #5
Ok, don't laugh. But really good books with crazy plots and twists make me cry. Like i'm reading them and all of a sudden tears start flowing. It's crazy!! I think it just amazes me how magnificent the human brain and imagination is. This freewill thing is no joke. I start thinking about how someone could possibly come up with all these things and while it makes me feel inadequate as a self proclaimed writer (i'll never be as good as these people), it leaves me in awe of how much inspiration and how much brilliance we inherited from our Father. Talk about finding God in the details. Books like these blow my mind. Angels and Demons..from the concept to how the beginning seems to be totally unrelated to the end yet it all comes together to how he brought together all these ppl from different continents all because of one thing (lets not even get started about how Tom Hanks was SO not even the right person to play Robert Langdon!!). Maybe I read too much into books and things. But this book is a must read. My children must read it and love it and my children's children must also read it and love it. Gosh what would I do if my children don't love to read? That's a beatdown right there! NONSENSE.

Anyways, these are my five fave books...hope someone else might find even just one of these books even a teensy weensy bit helpful in their journey! Enjoy


Belle said...

hmmm i've been looking for a devotional. Thanks for the heads up..

Kate said...

NO problem! :)

YourMateorYourDate said...

3 of 5 from your list for me - the bible (not the womens devotional though :-D),the alchemist and a purpose driven life - Great books.

Nice blog. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment ;-D