Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Madness ;)

Dear Bloggie,
Have you ever had that totally unexpected,indescribable connection maybe to another blog :)? So indescribable that you have a hard time putting it into words? I guess not cuz you're just a blog, but it's a crazy feeling i tell ya..maybe someday i'll be able to but I don't feel like sharing this with anyone..it's mine i tell you..all mine! Which is why i'm here blogging about basketball when i know i really want to be blogging about something else..:dreamer:

Ok..um, apparently we haven't learnt anything from the whole detroit/indiana fight cuz here we go again. I know I'm late with all this but I cant really talk until i hear wat they punishment is can i? :)
Basketball Losers
1. Isiah Thomas: supposed to be a coach, supposed to be the one that hopefully pulls the team together..this lil' fool instigated the whole thing talking about "it wouldn't be a good idea to go anywhere near the paint" to carmelo. It just sucks that he didnt get punished for what he did. And then at the end of the day he's commenting about how the nuggets were already up and didn't need to leave their starters in the game. Why can't u just take your whupping like a grown ass man, acting like this is the first game that they are losing.
2. Carmelo Anthony: I know, i know, testosterone plus adrenaline plus steroids (yes i said it!! :D) make a bad combination, but can i get you to practice some sort of restraint...oh at least stand like a man and fight, don't hit and run next time mmkay, you should have been fined an extra 5 games without pay for running like a lil punk.
3. Mardy Collins: be proud of yourself cause the only reason I know your name is because u are a troublemaker...bitter doesn't look good on anybody, there was no reason for you to foul ol' dude like that..stewpid!
4. The rest of the fighters...i guess it helped boost team morale cuz they both won their next games but still...can we try to be part of the solution not the problem?

Basketball winners
1. George Karl: according to him, his reason for keeping 4 starters in the game was because his team was still learning how to win on the road and he had seen other teams give up double digit leads and all that stuff. Maybe he did it out of spite or whatever but if you don't want to get beat..STEP YO GAME UP!! I can see why the knicks would be upset..I mean, yes I admit it, I cry when the Mavs lose. Speaking of the Mavs.

2. My baby D-I-R-K and Josh Howard: are like totally awesome, like totally. Best believe I'm the first one to curse them out when the lose, and I threatened divorce after last year's finals..but after counseling, we were ok until those four straight losses..but now I think, we're definitely back on the right track. :) I love me some mavs...talk about 29 points and 13 rebounds...and Josh Howards 28 points..that's freaking FIRE!! (SHUT UP KOBE FANS!!).
3. Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade: yes i'm a sore loser, yes i wanted them to lose to us and yes i changed my car's name from dwyane to chico after they won but I can acknowledge and appreciate talent and humilty when i see it...and I do infact love dwyane wade as a player and as a person (like i know him..LOL!!). So anyway, after the game, close game the cutest thing happened..Dwyane gave Chris a hug and a kiss(a totally ungay kiss!) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :). I fell in loff all over again!

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