Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things that annoy me!!!

Angelina Jolie
Ok, I haven't read it but I believe the news..she has a new interview in vogue where she talks about her relationship with Brad Pitt and how nothing happened till after they split up and blah di blah. First of all you blood lusting bad acting puffer know that that is a freaking lie but it's all good, Karma is a mutha and it's going to come back and haunt you. And you Brad, don't even think I'm heaping all the blame on this bush rat because I'm coming for you and it's not going to be pretty! I can't wait for their kids to grow up I hope they wipe them dry and leave them broke and desolate (sue me, I'm wicked and vindictive :o). And then to add insult to injury, Lil miss nasty heifer says she would sit and talk with my Jenjen if Jenjen requests it. I hope in some parallel universe you can legally put out a hit on someone cuz I'm sure my parallel universe self would have taken out one on said fool! I wonder what Jennifer Aniston thinks about this. Sometimes I wish I could be other ppl in this case Jenjen just to know what she is thinking. Wat does Angelina want? She wants her to be Godmother? That woman has gone of the deep end. Should have married Tom Cruise...speaking of Crazy Cruise..guess wat else annoys me?

Crazie Cruise
Yep, you guessed it. I'm sorry but personally, this fool was never that good of an actor...then you want to prance around like a rabid raccoon jumping on ppls couches and rattling off at the mouth about other peoples problems..Negro puhlease. I just cant wait for the divorce (not that i wish it for them) 9 years and 2 months from now after the magic scientology spell wears off Katie Holmes (speaking of which, I catch reruns of dawson's creek some mornings...Dawson Leery was such a freaking pansy my GOD..and bumpta*that means ugly* too! now Pacey was not half bad).

The Grammy's
Ok, I understand that forget it, me i don't understand anything. I haven't even seen the full nominations on account of that I'm so totally boycotting the Grammys from now on, but they did not nominate Nickelback and yet the Pussycat Dolls can be nominated. Wat is really going on? I think the grammys be doing stuff for all the wrong reasons(rimshot)..get it? get it? hee hee. Ah..forget it! Anyway...Nickelback, you win all the grammys in my heart.

Brad Pitt
Don't think I forgot about this LOO-SER! Trailer trash from Oklahoma!.To leave your wife and alleged best friend for some trifling heifer!. In short you don't deserve my good riddance to bad rubbish. Sooo unsexy! And then you now think that all your supposed humanitarian work is somehow supposed to atone for breaking vows you made before God and sir, are the lowest of the lows..nothing you can do will ever compensate for being a crackhead loser. Expect for your movies to tank from now on...cuz i surely will not be paying for them! :p, FOOL!

George Bush
Seeing as he abolished Haebus Corpus, I don't doubt he can do the same to visa lottery and naturalised citizens so I'ma keep mum on this one. But all i can say is "You're on notice, monkey man and you get two wags of the finger for being wack!".

Stupid drivers on the road that wont let me merge! Look fool...if my trafficators are on and i need to exit. Either speed up or slow down and let me by...I can kill a negro for this! Thank God for America and it's strict laws on gun control (psyche!)

Stupid ppl in general
-the cops that shot into a car fifty times
-the obviously deranged mother that microwaved her baby
-the other wife of satan that threw her baby out of the window
-the mavericks when they lose
I mean the list could go on...can we attempt less stupidity and use whatever brain cells we have left to try and be logical human beings? I mean is it really that hard? I would suggest lobotomies but I know i'm also prone to bouts of stupidity sometimes...shhhh! dont tell no one tho!

See I did a twofer today! And apparently I need to apologize for my myers briggs blog! I was just trynna allow ppl to get to know wat makes me tick and maybe inspire them to go take one! Plus i know these ppl do not care or even know i exist but still, it makes me feel good to say these things cuz i know i sho would say it to them if they did know i existed :p!!

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