Thursday, December 14, 2006


date1 /deɪt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[deyt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, dat·ed, dat·ing.
a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person: to go out on a date on Saturday night. I mostly write about the past and stuff that I'm totally comfortable with ppl knowing about me and not much about the present and the future but I was thinking about this today and I've like so totally only been on like two dates. As far as guys go, there have been to date five serious,serious and I-dunno-wat-to-call-it relationships. The serious are Ex #1 and Ex #2. The first I-dunno-wat-to-call-it was HWNSNBM(see posts from archive! double sigh). The second one was one of the indiscretions of my youth and while i sometimes feel bad about it, i often don't because it was a lesson, you learn from it and you move on..maybe someday i'll write about it!! Wow. The third and most recent one I kinda dont really want to talk about but is the reason for this whole post in the first place...let's just say I think i'm making it out to be more complicated that is probably is..but I'm a girl mayne, it's wat i do.
So anyways..Ex #1 and Ex #2 were both long distance relationships..started online kinda (SHARRAP!) so we never went on dates per say. HWNSNBM..i dunno what you would call what we had but dates according to dictionary definition..those were dates. We went to the movies and even to dinner once..i remember...Chili's, I had the boneless buffalo wings..anyways. The second IDWTCT asked me out once, but stood me up..go figure! Like I was the one doing the chasing..*rolls eyes*.
My whole point..this third IDWTCT, another story for another day(this one i'll definitely tell because it's really quite innocent and I only have the best intentions for this person(even if it's clouded with brief bouts of slight craziness in my head..damn hormones). So this third IDWTCT is actually the first person to in then traditional american sense of the word call me up and ask me out to the movies (as friends of course). I was extremely tickled because, fine i'll admit it..huge gigantor crush..and y'all know how my crushes turn out..see the possibility that IDWTCT the III might actually harbor even the minutest ounce iota neutrino of thingies (cant call it feelings cuz i'm still lying to myself about that) for me..scary ish right there!
So anyways, had a convo with IDWTCT the III the other day and it went like this
IDWTCT the III: so when r u getting back
Kate: 21st
IDWTCT the III: you got anything planned
Kate: no, jus packing and chilling
and then I went off topic for some reason
IDWTCT the III: So you got any free time before you go?
Kate: prolly, it shouldn't take me long to pack
IDWTCT the III: you wanna maybe go out to dinner sometime, if you're free?
Kate: Sure, that would be cool
Kate's crushomatic brain cells: OMG OMG OMG...victory lap around the skull!!! YES!!
Kate's logical/cautious brain cells: WTH? wat does this mean? Is this like a date date or like a friend hang out thing? What should i treat it as?
Kate's crushomatic brain cells:OMG wat am i going to wear? Thank God i get paid on the 22nd, I can go shopping and get my hair and nails did!
Kate's logical/cautious brain cells:sensory overload!!! Must call friend for interpretation.

I've learned in life never to assume anything especially when dealing with dudes so I make no assumptions until stuff is spelled out properly for me. But I'm kinda nervous tho cuz I'm not even remotely ready for anything serious at all right less of long distance. There I go making assumptions...i'ma just let it be for now!! Empty out my brain...whoooooooossssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

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