Friday, February 8, 2008

Damn you CARRIE BRADSHAW!! about lateness.
Am I the only one just now really getting into sex and the city?
It comes on stupid late, but somehow my eyeballs always seem to be less droopy when it's about to come on.

Apparently, i need a disclaimer
So please, no one take this post personally...yes, ok maybe it's about you.
but i am not writing in order to lure you to read it.
I'm writing because I promised not to censure myself.

So...i'm thinking that I have a Big
And damnit it seriously
That one "perfect" person you just can't quite seem to get over
Even when you progressively try...and try...and try.

So i'm watching last night's first episode at 11:40..
And she and Big have a date and almost hook up, but don't because she leaves.
Then they don't talk for like a couple of days then he stops by...
Then the go bowling and then they DO hook up....weak bitch! :s


1 comment:

eccentricity resolute said...

he doesn't qualify as a "Big" if he's not most times a jerk, has commitment problems, and doesn't treat you like shit.

is he? does he? does he?