Monday, February 25, 2008

My "cousin" has a crush on me!! Ghettoboory!! (by the way, it seems that i spoke your boory into u owe me!!) cousin...who is not really my cousin but because my mom feels the need to introduce everyone that we meet from our village as our cousin...he's my cousin.
Saw him again after a very long time over christmas break and ever since he keeps sending me texts talking about "I miss you" and "You should come visit, i'll pay for your ticket"...naturally i'm always inclined to say yes for free stuvving..:D but um, I wouldn't want to encourage anything especially since he may or may not be engaged or seeing someone.
So out of the blue the other day, he texts me
:: "What did you do to me? After I came to see you guys at home I can't get you off my mind, why?"
me:: "um..huh are you joking?"
Him:: "No I am not I tried to give it (the feeling) some time to go away but it didn't and I am not joking"
Me:: "Ok, I dont really know what to say"
Him:: "I don't understand it but I guess i will get over it, i hope soon"
Me:: " I hope so too, because i would like to be able to hang out and talk to you without it being weird. Hanging out is not bad"
Him:: "I'm not saying it's a bad thing just hanging around you doing regular stuff with, I just think it's odd wanting to be around you and u don't feel the same way"
Me:: *dozed off!!*

Sighs..he's a really nice guy... just not my type...i think he's cute tho!! he kind looks like Teddy Ruxpin... :D


eccentricity resolute said...

well, is he cute?

and i never did see an update about your Mr. Big

Elle Woods said...

Teddy ruxpin? Next!!!!!lol.

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Anonymous said...

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