Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waivering my chance to be one of the hive

Sooo...long time!!
Long weekend...weekend was fabulous! I learned a lot about myself.
Cleared my head.

Um so like, i was like driving home from work and I'm still seriously thinking about going back to school so that i can shift my direction from science to the business side of science. I love my job..- the actual job i do. I hate all the ass kissing and bureaucratic bullshit that goes on with ppl vying for visibility and stealing other ppls thunder..etc.. I accept that...people are ppl, there will always be those types of ppl. I know this probably happens and might be worse in the business field but at least I expect it if i get my MBA i'll be coming in with experience as well as a degree. I'm still praying about that sha.

The thing about my company that i absolutely love is that most ppl who work there usually end up staying forever and retiring, it's that good. But it's so easy to get comfortable and stay there...i dont think that's for me...i'm different and or special...I have to do more, give more, live more :D

So, i was thinking....again, bread or some other carb had to be the forbidden "fruit". Because eh..damn that bread/ fries/cake.... those things should be illegal.!!

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