Friday, February 22, 2008

WANNA GET AWAY...Southwest offers trips for $39 each way...:)

Ok, so my vision is not 20/20 right but my other senses make up for this.
I usually have pretty good hearing right.So get this, my roommate, thinks i went to work, so she's on the phone extra loud.
She's of the perception that "nonscience" undergrad majors aren't that hard/important..and that anyone can be a business major etc etc.
So she said this to our other friend who does business and works for GE...and she got offended.
So that sparked a whole new conversation and argument....long story, pretty boring.
So last night, she came to my room and our conversation arrived at me telling her that her temp. job at my company was just to populate a database..and she doesnt' do any real science because she doesnt work in the lab.
Apparently this pissed her off because this morning she was talking all loud to her mom about it and she pretty much just insulted me and my position.
I think it's really comical because when she finished talking about me, i was going to go out there and pretty much yell at her and curse her out. Instead i sent her a text saying "As much as I enjoyed listening to your conversation about me, could you please either lower your voice or go to your room"?
So she's obviously shocked that she just exposed her ass and comes to my room talking about how I was listening in on her conversation. Um…bitch, your ass was being loud as all hell…I was jejely trying to watch The Wire when you started talking and interrupted me.
So with egg on her face, she’s trying to pretend that she feels bad about what she said. And pretending to listen to what I’m saying.
Luckily, I’ve evolved past a lot of ignorant bullshit apparently because there were a lot of things I could have said..true things, real things. … but I didn’t…won’t. .. I really am trying to be a better person.

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