Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's really good?

Hello everyone out there in blogworld
I've been meaning to blog but ya know.. life get's in the way.

Heyyy Nicey.. :), i dunno about y'all but i'm truly a facebook stalker. Case in point..i discovered this new couple on facebook. Both individually cute but soooo cute together. Never met these people ever in my life but i'm all of a sudden intrigued by them. As in...I got mad when some random chick misyarned on her comments on a picture of them together. No idea why i'm being overprotective about a couple i've never met but I just hope things work out for them..smh issues huh.

I realized today during my exam that I have to be the most slackerific grad student.Ever. If the exam was on something like where Rihanna was recently (Australia) or where Beyonce currently is (Peru)...surely i'd have aced it..but ask me something relating to my education like the difference between an ion channel and a uniporter and you'll get a big...HUH? This after we got one extra week to study. God help me!
Speaking of i the only one feeling her "Rude Boy" video and song? I kinda like it..i think the video makes me like the song better but whatever. I like it.

I'm in the mood for a road trip or at least a really fun night out... First weekend coming up where i have no exams looming..hmmmm...what to do..what to do.

So for the first time in a long time, i'm actually following much as i can on our dear president Goodluck Johnathan and his presidential doings...i hope he can bring about some form of change and not get sidetracked by power and corruption. Amen!

I missed 24 AND Lost? Something is wrong with me today.

Speaking of music Jason Derulo's "whatcha say" is like on constant replay on my Ipod..i just love his voice!! and apparently there's a it me or does he look like Karamo ( the roommate from Real world)? Video does not match the music video i have in my head but whatevs!

I said it before and i'll say it again...what in the water has got ppl getting married and engaged left and right? 2010 finna be another 2007!! Maybe it happens in 3 year increments? Hmm i should research this.


TayneMent said... should check out derulo's new song "in my head"

greetings from chi!

Myne Whitman said...

How are you? I like Derulo but not the auto-tune in many of his songs. Let me guess, in your head you were in the video? LOL...

Repressed One said...

lol@ stalking strangers...freaking weirdo!

I like Derulo too...

Kate said...

@Tayney...don't judge me!!it's not psycho that i care!! :o
@Myne...what autotune? That's autotune? I thought that was his natural God given voice sha :( ugh!! not cool!
@RepOne...:D i dont stalk strangers..just friends of friends..

MPB said...

OMG!!! So why did I think Jason Derulo was a white guy? Maybe because the song reminds of THAT scene in Gossip girl's last episode :) Dude is cute sha. Meanwhile I am a bonafide fbk stalker so no judgement to you sweetie. Sometimes I have nightmares that they's make the feature where someone can tell each time you are on their page and i shudder.

Nice Anon said...

lol@ people get engaged around you. My dear that tusa tusa no reach my side o!
Ke kwanu?