Monday, February 12, 2007

The Father/Child Dynamic

Two things first of all: Nothing I say is backed up with any statistics..I'm just speculating and I've been known to do. Second thing: Yes this post is based on 24 and Jack and his Dad...but art imitates life men!!

So anyways, I was thinking about this whilst watching two glorious hours of twenty four. I love me some Jack, but I fear this series is coming to an end. I mean what other twists and turns could they possibly put that we haven't already seen in some way. But I digress...
Growing up, I used to think my Dad was like a demi-god...and he could do no wrong. I mean yes, he was strict and, didn't like noise in the house...i remember when my sister got whooped cuz she fell on a ball, I still don't understand the reasoning behind that one but it's all in the conclusion. I remember he would go to Lagos and whenever he was coming back I would try my hardest to stay up and wait for him but I would fall asleep, only to be awoken by a New Dress!! or french toast or pancakes..sigh..those were the days, when we were easy to please.
Then as we got older, I remember being threatened with pepper selling just so i could study and pass the common entrance (IN YOUR FACE CHITURU!!!lil biyotch..this heffa doesnt even deserve her own post but she will get it, along with my list of haters!). Which I did pass! And then when our dog/family member got paralyzed and we had to get rid of her..and everyone cried..including my was a horrible day. Still brings tears to our eyes( about being able to cry on cue!)
This story is just becoming more and more disjointed sha oh...but anyways, I felt like I said that my Dad could do no wrong...because he is just that type of Dad,who is willing to do any and everything for his family.
One of the worst realizations/best moments in my life was when I finally understood that my Dad was HUMAN...common sense no? Yes but all the while I had been treating him like he wasn't. When they(my 'rents) would do something like not allow me to go to prom, or force me to go the the school i went to, I would be very upset to the point of betrayal sef! I still get upset at times, but the difference is that me seeing him as human allows me to allow him to act that way, to make mistakes, to be susceptible to all the faults/errors etc that we humans face everyday. That helped me a lot because instead of not having a conversation when i think they are wrong and stalking off to my room, I can and actually love to sit and have a conversation with them about where they are coming from and all that good stuff...and even if i dont always get my least I can listen and understand so that the next time, I'll know their way of thinking and come more prepared.
Except when their POV makes absolutely no damn sense and then I'm likely to act a fool still...or pout to get my way!:) Damn thing doesnt work as much as it used too!
Oh yeah...what does this have to do with Jack...I was just thinking about how his father is evil and the scum of the earth, but Jack doesn know it, I think Jack is still in that phase where his dad can't do any wrong and such...But once he realizes that na papa na im kill im broda, then it's on an popping!

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