Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life...oh Life

So I was raised in the church. I believe in God, I believe that Jesus came and died on the cross to reconcile us with our Father. I know of all the promises and how much love God has for us and how unconditional that love is and how he is willing to take us back after we've done our dirt.
So like Paul said and i paraphrase...does this mean that we should keep sinning because we have grace? and to that he replies God forbid.
I think knowing all this put me at an early disadvantage because I know that if I sin, all i have to do is ask for forgiveness and believe I've been forgiven and go and sin no more...but i do and then that's when that whole grace thing comes into the picture...and it has been a vicious cycle for a while. Well, I'm over it...sin no longer has a place in my life...I'm done.
How do i plan to be done you ask? Well it's all about one day at a time...continually asking God for His help in my everyday dealings. I know he's giving me a million gazillion chances, but I know that if I'm serious about my relationship with him I will make it. Like my old pastor Gary used to have to be willing to pick up that cross a million times a day. I dont expect it to be easy but I expect to make my walk with Him a ritual that I crave and I look forward to everyday....and I'm putting myself out here on blast in front of the whole world but I need to hold myself accountable in my heart.

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