Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Can't be putting no negative stuff on my blog, so i'm not going to say hate. Not that i hate any of these ppl.
So anyways, I believe that ppl are brought into your life for specific reasons..some temporary and some permanent. The temporary ones come, teach you a lesson and they leave. I've been fortunate not to come across too many bad eggs as far as girls are concerned..so I can't even start with that whole I'm more comfortable talking to boys than girls bit...I'm just really choosy with my girl friends...in short, I'm done..no more applications to the inner sanctum. I'll talk about the girls that I semi-love...all four of them; Chituru, Grapevine,Market Woman and Slim Shady..:)
Chituru: supposed family friend, we went to Loral together and for some odd reason, she felt the need to compete with me...she was really light skinned and always, always had a cold sore..like what was up with that..herpes much? Anyways..Loral had this Primary 4 special class...pretty much, if you got into P4 special, you got to skip Primary 5 and go to primary 6 straight. There were two P4 specials, we both got in, but we weren't in the same class..even still, heifer would be competing with me for grads..everytime it was what did u get, what did u get? That lil fool! So anyways..she would always walk up to me and whisper mean stuff in my ear and when we would go to their house, she would be a snobby lil bloodsucker..etc..etc. Gosh. Sha sha oh, when the Common Entrance came about..it just so happend that yours truly had the highest score in the whole school...and the next person was like 30 frigging points behind her...NOW WHAT HUH!! NOW WHAT!! all your mouth making and ish didn't really amount to nothing now did it! Freaking bish! If i see her now, I'mo have to slap her just for being so vicious...it was all very mean girlie..
Grapevine: Ok..let me put on a disclaimer...I really do semi-love this girl..I wouldn't give her my kidney, but you know...I would mention in my blog that she needs a kidney and maybe someone who randomly stumbles by would be the perfect match (God forbid she ever need a kidney tho..Amen). We used to be super close in secondary school (shut up about those sister jokes! >(..) anyways, it was all well and good, she had a lot of senior friends and school fathers and mothers, and I used to tag along...so me to I got my own school father tee hee..but after a while it just got old. I think I was slightly a hater because in dorm,when we all had to get out, homegirl would still be sleeping and then after everyone was out, she would now wake up, go take a shower in someone's duty and got to class..wtf used to live in such luxury in boarding school? Na craze...anyways, we were still close sha, but in JS2 i think i heard from some of my other friends that she was saying stuff about me behind my back..and from then on we just stopped being cool,cool...could never really cut the cord tho, for whatever reason. We sha ended up in the same school years later..go figure and she was still the same..she had something to say about everyone and she never remembered who she heard it from...bloody annoying if you ask me. I remember her telling LDR#1 that I didn't really like him and I was just in a relationship with him just to be in one...the truth of the matter was that it was also partially out of pity but the heffalump didnt have to tell him! There's a girl's oath of silence...can't believe she said that to him..anyways..she got hers. Boys are mean sha..so it turned out that she was "talking" to two of my guy friends at the same time, and I told him, told him she was "talking" to the other boy but they wouldn't listen...sha sha..they finally confronted her on 6 way..I was on the phone with one of them, and he was on the phone with the other dude, and someone sha called her, two other ppl were on the phone..so it was like three 3-ways..and she didnt know. So she got caught in a lie and they all pounced on her and verbally dissed her on the phone...while I did not/do not condone it...it was deliciously wicked..like devil's chocolate cake... I guess the main lesson I learnt from her is that you should be careful who you trust and who u consider to be your friend. But c'est la vie..we move on.
Slim Shady: Ok this girl I just dont know...at first I thot she was just naive but even that one get it's own levels...she was incredibly smart and she helped me out with some of my school work and ish but at the same time..she was friends with grapevine...and i'm naturally wary of ppl that can be cool cool with her..because she likes to talk about other ppl..even if they spent 5% of their time talking about nigerian movies, 5% about miscellaneous stuff, 5% about boys, 5% about school..that left a whole 80% to be focused on other ppl...one comment she made to me was about grapevine and it always stuck..something like "hmm, some ppl that you consider to be your friends don't feel that same way about you"...and I knew exactly who she was talking about. Life sha.. anyways, she makes snide lil comments that can be easily retracted or restated to be less offensive,but you know what her primary aim was...ppl like that scare me oh!
Market Woman: you know how some ppl, just rub you the wrong way and/or are excessively abrasive eg: pauly shore and gilbert gottfried(sp)...like u just want to use a fly swatter and squish them! UGH...like freaking GET AWAY FROM ME!!! yeah...that's what market woman will do to ya. Now i'm not trying to be a snob because girl is actually quite smart..it's just that I feel like even lil smart comments that I could say to maybe make her aware of her behavior is wasted on her..she won't ever get it...like explaining quantum physics to jessica simpson..useless. Anyway oh, this heiffer had the guts to call me a bitch and an e-diot! all because I didn't let her into a club that I couldn't even let her into at that point...like it was freaking packed wat did they want me to do? Anyways..that didn't even phase me, it just gave me a reason to do what i had always wanted to do...cut her off!
See..for all my approaching 2 dozen years (OMG...I'm having a semi freak out!)..i've only had the misfortune of meeting 4 inner sanctum rejects..God is good!

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