Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My very first first memory of boys was in pre-primary. This Ogadinma boy with permanent gorimakpa and nasty sores on his head would find me and beat me, not enough to injure me but just enough to scare me. Dawg men, that was a horrible feeling. Only God knows how he used to find me. If i catch that boy today men...i'll prolly run too!

Then one of my neighbors, Junior was insistent that he was going to marry me. I was so afraid to go outside. In short, I blame him for my inactivity and obsession with TV. I would stay inside when everyone else was outside playing. I used to venture outside on occasion but once marshall (their male dog) and peggy (their female dog) showed up around the corner..I would quickly run upstairs and peek through the window. I dunno why I was scared...still don't. I remember him giving my sister one naira to come give I'm that cheap. Who knows where all these people are.

Moving to Lagos, I don't really remember any boys attracting my attention. I mean, I was only 8 but still...I remember my landlady's grandson or nephew Allen who I thot was so cute. He smelled funny always, but he was still cute. I think I got a little bit of my love for music from him. Can't believe I still remember one of his songs..if it really was his song
Nile, Niger, Senegal, Congo, Orange, Limpopo, Zambeleji
I am the trigger of my people africa
who is the king of our land
what's on ur mind, what's on ur mind
what is the name of the game you play
who made you king
who made you king
who made you ruler of my people......

And then boarding school started. Who had time for the little boys in my set? As far as I was concerned, they really had nothing to offer..which is funny now that i think about it. The only ppl that really stood out did so cuz they were weird, or smart cuz smart meant competition. I remember crushes, didn't know they were crushes then but they so were. The very first one was this guy called Dotun. He was the labor prefect and he always looked SOOOOOOOOOOOO crisp in his Jaja (blue check) outfit...sigh. He was tall, well taller than me.

I remember this guy in my set, Patrick...I think all the girls used to go absolutely crazy (ok maybe not all) about him...i remember guys used to unbutton the top one or two buttons on their shirts and pull it back so that the collar wasn't right around their neck..So tacky!!!!

All others were insignificant, till high school in Texas. Oh my goodness...Kievin...I don't know how it started, or what it was it was a very strange. I slowly developed my stalking abilities from this point. I think I took a geometry class with him my sophomore year, then he was in a bad accident and was gone for months. Then one day, he was back....i think i freaked out when i saw him. After that, I would see him sporadically in the hallway, on tv...then for 6 years after, I completely forgot about it till i decided to look him up. Found him, confessed, he claims he remembers me but I doubt it..he's doing well.

In college, I went thru the normal crushes, on ppl who are now my friends. I remember the BIG one...I remember crying about it, I remember telling my friends about it. Now I look back and am like WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!!

I think at this point, when I get into that crush phase, I try to get to know the person. So far so good. But getting to know the person usually calms me down and I slowly admit to myself that they are mere mortals like myself and I need to take them down off that pedal stone.
Never, NEVER divulge that I have a crush tho..never!

Boys are interesting creatures.

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Tisha said...

i have had many of crushes
they are fun at first
but you can't let it go on for too long
because they hurt like hell after a whil

(i don't know how hell hurt and i don't plan to know)