Sunday, April 5, 2009


They must often change, who would be constant in happiness and wisdom" -- Confucius
**Dedicated to you**
One of my favorite quotes.

I consider myself to be very accommodating of change, and I think that I've changed some in the past three years.
Change was moving from Plateau state to Lagos state at 8: I think I was way too young to take stock of how that affected me as a person.
Change was moving from Lagos to Texas at 13: That was hard...fitting in to high school, well trying to at the age when kids/teenagers are so cruel and unwelcoming. High school had to be some of the worst years of my life. Coupled with becoming a teenager and all those hormones...I remember locking myself in my room a lot and getting into hard I'm glad my parents allowed me to have my own room where i could just brood and be dark. TV was my best friend..i would lose myself in Dawson's Creek and Felicity and Buffy and Angel...i learned to enjoy/crave my alone time.
Change was going off to college: some of the best years of my life. Meeting the most awesomely amazing people. Warm, open, friends for life type opening people. "Dating" if you could call it that. Trying to grasp the fact that people want to be friends with me..people actually care about me. Real friends...real boyfriends. I think most of my lifelong friends are friends I made in college. Loves them!!
Change was moving thousands of miles away from all that after college: So far, the most exciting and revealing change i think I've experienced so far. Being completely removed from my comfort choice i think has enabled me to see myself in a different light sometimes. Not always good, not always easy but I think I've been through some things that make me feel like I can make it through almost anything.

So...change is coming again..soon. My initial reaction is excitement...I can't wait to see what the future holds, but that of course is closely followed by fear of the unknown...what if I'm making a mistake? what if it doesn't work out? I think what fuels me further is that staying also elicits the same what if questions. what if i stay? What will happen to me three years from now?
Still I want to be constant in wisdom and happiness so change i must..change I will embrace.


MPB said...

Awww did you dedicate that nice quote to me? Dang, one day u need to gist me about your high school experiences. We only live once so we must take advantage of opportunities to change, explore and leave our comfort zones. G'luck!

Kate said...

lol... um...yeah i guess i dedicated it to two of my favorite peeps then :D

TayneMent said...

does that mean I am #3? :(
Change sucks booooo...oh yeah I meant only your own change :D

Kate said...

i didnt rank..i just said 2 of my faves..why would u think u're not one of em?

MPB said...

she prolly menat #3 as pe the whole "furrrrrssst" thing. I was furssst by the way, yay!

Kate said...

ohhhhh...blogworld steez