Monday, April 6, 2009

Honest Crap

1. I hate taking showers after people...when I was younger I would cry if anyone got in the shower before me.
2. I memorize numbers easily.. internet access codes for hotels..numerical passwords..account numbers...license plate numbers..
3. I can be a loner one minute and a social butterfly the next.
4. I dont buy into that whole..I can't stand girls..guys are better friends deal, but I don't have that many girlfriends
5. I have managed to remain good friends with my exes' best friends but can/have gone years without talking to or inquiring about the exes.
6. I cant swim...been meaning to learn for the longest time
7. I've never watched from beginning to end: Titanic, Forest Gump or any of the Godfathers but I've watched Jurassic Park III uncountable times and Zathura is one of my favorite movies :D
8. I sing/reenact commercials in my head when i'm the ziploc one: Erica!! Handy!! Chilly!! Economical!
9. I don't like cooking for myself or consider myself to be a great cook but when i'm not stuvvs comes out pretty good.
10. When i'm working on something that doesnt require much concentration..i quote simpsons episodes in my head....
Homer: No beer and no tv make homer go something something
Marge: Go crazy?
Homer: Don't mind if i do!! Oooohhhh Ahhhhh Eeeeee Ooooo Walla Walla... :D


Original Mgbeke said...

You are a weirdo! I memorize numbers very easily too.
Oh and the only reason why I don't like taking showers after people is 'cos I'm scurred they'll finish up all the hot water.

MPB said...

LMAO at the simpsons quotations!!!!! Love that 'cos sometimes I pretend I am a cartoon character.

blogoratti said...

hnnnnm you haven't seen all those movies uhn...i'm liking the simpson's quote!

Kate said...

lol @ Mgbeks..i just dont like when everywhere is all wet :D mean you're NOT a cartoon character?? :D
@Blogoratti..they're on my to do list i swear!!

L.Stocking said...

1- I'm the same way, for the same reason.
2- sounds very stalkerish lol
6- Me toooo!!
10- lol...that's just weird.

Kate said...

lol L.stocking..weird and stalkerish...that pretty much sums me up :D