Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gotta do a birthday blog!!

I'm a big fan of birthdays...mine especially..always have been
But today went by too fast.
my parents sent me the cutest card..too sweet...i cried
And my coworkers surprised me with cake and flowers..i cried
I aint no punk tho! *flexes mozzu*

My thing about my birthday is...i'm not a gift person per se..i dont usually know/get what i want but i appreciate gifts... I like calls...and messages.

On this birthday..i'm thankful
I know ppl die everyday..I'm thankful for my life. I almost didn't make it to 26 and that fact just hit Thank you God for my life.
I'm thankful for my family...and my awesome him!!!
I'm thankful for my friends...all of em...everyone of em.
I'm thankful for my coworkers...dunno what i did to deserve such an awesome first job.
I'm thankful for my luckybugga
I'm thankful for my birthday mates
I'm thankful for chocolate
I'm thankful for internet..and music...and tv
I'm thankful for Keanu Reeves
I'm thankful for Obama
I'm thankful for ME :)


MPB said...

Ooh no you were not just thankful for keanu reeves...chei so this is a lifelong kini we are dealing with. So what did the parentals card say? I wanna "aww". Happy buffday dearie! BTW I had to resist a very strong urge to "fiiirst", i refuse to make that thing a habit :)

blogoratti said...

Happy Birthday,Kate!

Kate said...

Thank you thank you!! Lol.. Keanu Reeves might just be my yes have to love him like i do!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Birthdays are happy moment and they are lovable. Happy birthday Kate.