Monday, April 13, 2009

On Going Private

No..not me! I am guilty of reading peoples blogs and not commenting. Sue me..shoot me..whatever...but I have my reasons.
1. I'm lazy and I have bad memory: honestly..half the blogs i visit, I find through blogs that have them listed as blogs they follow..and when I'm bored i have a habit of just scrolling down to see who else out there is blogging about anything that might tickle my fancy. Even if I find the blog interesting..which 93% of the time I do, I never blogroll it because I'm lazy..i always pray that the next time i crave reading that blog, i remember all the blogs i went through to get there.
...guess that's really not a good excuse
2. I really only comment when I feel that i have something of substance to contribute..most of the time: not to say that ppl that comment don't, I just usually can't bring myself to type something random and meaningless just to "mark attendance" that plus i don't think I'm witty enough on the spot..gotta let stuff marinate...maybe that is a part of blog etiquette that I haven't learned
3. I dont like to "feel familiar"...yes i am encroaching on your public private personal space..but in all honesty/fairness, i dont know you and you dont know "why should I try to "feel familiar" when i'd probably pass you on the street and not know who you are?" is the logic in my I fear that getting to know the person will take away my perception of them in my head and I'm not comfortable with that...maybe i dont live in the realworld but that's why i'm in blogville duh!
4. I am shy...sometimes, I really just have to work my way up to being confident enough to comment... my blog personality is my real personality is my everyday personality...

5. Yes I do have some blogs on my blogroll..but I dont feel like explaining why that doesn't negate some of my other reasons.

I'm always a little hurt when a blog that i read goes private..I mostly get over it and find another blog to read..the cycle continues. Of course ppls reasons for going private may have absolutely nothing to do with me or the likes of me but I just had to get that off my chest. For all the blogs I've wormed my way into and left after i have read to satisfaction without commenting, ...I apologize. I guess the solution would be to go private


Original Mgbeke said...

Everyone is going private! Bahhhh. *mad*

Nice Anon said...

lol people go private for so many different reasons. It isn't personal at all.

Kate said...

Na so we see am o my sister.

@Nice Anon...thanks..that made me feel better :(

Nice Anon said...

U can update now

RocNaija said...

So.. the bit that strikes me is why you feel you need to justify your reasons for not commenting..

Or your blogroll for that matter..

It's your space.. you're allowed to do with it what you want..

Besides I read loads of blogs as well.. and like you when a person goes private.. Might take a while but I get over it..

Unless I get a honorary invite.. :-)

Tori said...

lol,I emailed a blogger that went private asking her to add me and gave her a laundry list of reasons its okay to add me, since i "proved" I didnt know her. LOL. She eventually took me off her private list sha. :(

Happy belated. I pray this year amazes and fulfills you professionally and personally.

Kate said...

awwww...thank ya!
them private bloggers be tripping i haven't hacked into their private blogs already! tee hee!!