Saturday, December 29, 2007

1 in 6

Before my actual entry was rudely interrupted by BestBuy.!!

I was having a conversation with a 4:30am..but whatever. He just returned from naija and claims that most of his friends are married. So i asked "Do you think naija guys here are less mature than those in nigeria with regards to settling down?"
His reply: definitely. I mean in nigeria you either make it or you don't, and you kinda know your fate so you might as well get married and procreate. However, here, ppl are too busy hustling, going to school etc to be worried about settling there's a 1 in 6 ratio of guys to girls...

OK..1 in 6 might be skewed, but let's work with that.

So while 1(girl) looking for her 1(guy)...she has to take into consideration that she is 1 of 5 girls that he does not want to and will not end up with... let's throw non-nigerians into the mix, thanks to america.
And naturally 1(guy) being a guy and wanting to have his cake and eat it too does not let 1(girl) know what he's really after...under the guise of a relationship. So for each 1 guy...if he isnt ready to settle down/serious/whatever...leaves at least 5(depending on the girls of course) in his wake...while not even seriously searching for his 1 ..because he is too busy hustling..etc.

So why do we...upward mobile, equally as brilliant, sassy,still connected to our roots...have to take all this all because we are looking for our 1? Totally unfair i tell ya.

Don't ask me...dont ask me why We(ok fine I) feel like I just absolutely have to find my 1 and he just absolutely has to be nigerian. But sometimes i feel like i'm restricting myself by not broadening my horizon past nigerians, because i feel like if there's no future, then what's the point.

Maybe i'm just bitter.

I think the solution is hard as it may seem...according to my horoscope..
"Aries: Instead of just waiting for happily ever after, focus on what makes you happy now. Live in the present."
So I've decided to focus on what makes me happy now..and i think finding what makes me happy is finding ways to make other pple happy. To this end...I have decided to dedicate 2008 to doing just that. Rediscovering myself and what makes me happy!

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Vixen said...

Good observations, such a crazy double standard. I just flipped the script and used the same attitude on them...then they start sweating you. They only want what they think someone else wants...