Saturday, December 29, 2007

1 in 6...(with a dash of mini rant)

Ok...first of all...those fools at bestbuy dont want me to descend on their dumbasses!! I'm so freaking pissed..those bastards...
I jejely went to go buy an external hard drive because i'm constantly in fear of losing all my valuables on my computer. So i walked up to the cashier and:
StupidFoolofacashier(STFOAC): do you have a reward zone card?
LoyalBestBuyCustomer(ME): yes *proceeds to look for rewards zone card...while placing credit card on counter*
ME: i cant find my card..can you look it up by name?
STFOAC: I already swiped your card
ME: you asked if i had a reward zone card and i said yes...why didnt you wait
STFOAC: I didnt hear you, next time you should try to speak up *(I SHIT YOU NOT!)*
ME: Can't you void it and try again? *looking at him with a..'i'm slowly getting pissed and will rip your freaking heart out...stomp on it and feed it to you' look, that is obviously not yet universally recognized
Bold Ass STFOAC: No
ME: I need to speak to a manager RIGHT NOW!!!!
STFOAC: *rolls eyes and beckons gay ass manager (GAYASS)*
-------------------------- enter GAYASS---------------------------
GAYASS and STFOAC talk...low, but not low enough that i cant hear
I know have impeccable hearing but those bitches where talking low a loud ass store.
ME: this dude just told me he cant revoke this, he swiped my card without permission
GAYASS: well, he cant apply the reward zone after the card has been swiped.
ME: *thinking this dude is definitely deaf!* I just told you that he didnt it without my permission.
STFOAC: i didnt hear her say she had a reward zone card
ME: you know what..i don't want that external drive
GAYASS: does a return with an attitude...
ME: I dont know if you guys are having a bad day, but i'm the customer here and you are treating me like you're doing me a favor when in fact i'm part of the reason you have this $5/hr job
GAYASS and STFOAC: *blank stares*
ME: I have a zero balance, i need to close my account right now
GAYASS: you can go to customer service

so i did.... I'm so freaking done with those fools...luckily there's a circuit city close by. Their customer service is i sent an email and complained.

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Elle Woods said...

lmao....why all these folks always trynna mess with you? first comcast now best buy.