Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas memories

Just remembered
I decided to bring up some issues i had with my parents one day..
Me: Daddy do u remember when i was studying for common entrance and you told me that if i didnt pass it i would be selling pepper on the street?
Daddy: enh?
Mommy:*chomping away at something..probably chicken bone*
Fioms: haha
Me: yep, i remember it very well
Mommy: *still chewing* eh, even if we did, maybe you weren't doing something you should have been doing like studying hard.
Me: I guess...but still
Fioms: you sound traumatized
Daddy: Me, i dont remember, maybe you dreamt it!
See me see trouble...why would i dream my parents threatening me like that.
This conversation then drifted into this one:
Fioms: I dont know why you ppl would say that to her
Me: I know right, I always did well in school.
Fioms: yep, I was always competing with you
Me: where?
{she is 5 or 6 years older than me so we'd never even be close to the same grade}
Fioms: I dunno, in school in everything...on the SATs
...she scored ten points higher....
Me: *shocked..flattered*'re not serious.

Lol, I was just suprised, because all this while, i've been doing me barely trying ,not realizing that she...DR. SHE was/has been competing with me. It made me feel good..feel blessed..feel fortunate that I've been blessed with stuff that I sometimes take for granted/ me brain.

In other news

there is a pompadour-having step aerobics savant in my class..always talking to himself and shouting out the steps... MIND YOURSELF O!!! I dont need two instructors.



eccentricity resolute said...

why'd you hafta post a pic of a pompadour?? does Jibs read your blog?? :)

leave Mariska Hargitay alone.. that's my binsh...

why "kate"?? alter ego??

Kate said...

lol..i should take a picture of it during class the end of the class tho it's like wet bangs...:) Nah she dont, but she could...i think...