Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So, last year...I didnt start off with resolutions...and look how well that worked out.. hehehee.
This year however, I will not start off with resolutions but rather..TO DO LISTS. So, here is my
January TO-DO-LIST:
1. Get more organized at work:
How you ask? Well, I've decided to also have a daily to-do list at work.
Not the anal kind like some ppl I know, but just one outlining what I have
to do for the day. And if I don't complete it, move it to the next day.
2. Get involved in some type of charity/volunteer organization:
Seriously, I've been slacking on this but I'm going to dedicate this month
to researching what's out there and seeing where I fit.
3. Get involved with my African Heritage Business Resource Group:
They need young blood. It's just that the meetings take forever and they
are all the way up the hill!! :(
4. Research that Clinical Research Certificate and what schools near by offer it:
Can't it seems interesting enough.
5. Get involved with the whole Diversity and Inclusion thing:
They need help!
6. Join a GYM!
LMAO..ok, i'm definitely too cheap for this one. But I am getting bored
with my workouts. I know some gyms offer trial periods...lets see how many free ones I can get!
7. Start Reading
So, I havent finished my Harry Potter Series (mainly cuz BOOK 3 came on and i was like "seriously, if i watch it i don't have to read it do i? but i
cant bring myself to move on to BOOK 4). Plus I got this really cool book
for christmas...I'm stuck on chapter one :(. THEN yesterday at my impromptu guilt/mind clearing induced workout, i saw that Sophie Kinsella has a new book out!!...wait a minute, i can't find it on amazon! crap! The only one doesnt come out till February 2008).

Thas it.

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