Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goulash...(or some other soup!)

First of all.... GO COWBOYS...!! Please make me proud. As much as i love Jeremy Shockey...I want my boys to make it. Jessica Simpson be damned!

Today in church, the pastor as usual was talking to me!!
Luke 15:1-5,8 and 15-endish.
The prodigal son story.
The moral of the story is the same..always the same
However, something he said really stuck with me.
He said: "People treat you how they treat you because they don't know who you are connected to (God)" So it's your job (my job), to remember who I'm connected to and to remember that when dealing with people and analyzing how they treat me. It was a good sermon.

In other news,
I'm really excited about the Sarah Connor Chronicles.... i think Fox is going to be taking up majority of my TV watching time this season.

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