Monday, January 7, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm done...
It's really sad, yeah there's a glimmer but no way
I love me more..too much

Lots of Obama talk today
we'll see

Can't believe I was a part of something that adds SO little to my life
I'm happy to be free of it

What part of 2008 is a ME year do ppl not get?
I guess a little brutal honesty never hurt anyone

Learnt in church yesterday to hold my tongue.
To appreciate last year's instructions/tests/temptation because
It's maturing me for this year and all it's blessings.

I've forgiven and forgotten
Cuz I'm freaked out by the things that God has forgiven me for over the years
If He can, I definitely can.


Elle Woods said...

2008 is a me year? what bout me and the unborn baby?
so what did u say that made ur pastor tell you to caution ur tongue?

Kate said...

lol...not just me jo. You and the baby and me make one now!