Sunday, January 6, 2008


Andy Rooney on 60 minutes
This man was talking about the names of the presidential hopefuls and comparing them to past presidents and things named after them. Fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions... when it comes to names like Huckabee, i and understand how JFK international airport would sound funny if it was called huckabee...or if Washington,DC was called Giuliani,DC.
What I have a problem with, is the fact that he is comparing America today to back in the day america where all the power belonged to the majority which was white. built on the backs of slaves, land stolen from natives, melting pot is not the same. Sure your navigator would sound weird being called an Obama navigator but what in the hell does that have to do with picking someone different who might possibly be just what this country needs. Interesting how he didnt mention bush or clinton.
In conclusion, Andy Rooney, mind yourself oh, Don't give me cause to attack those eyebrows with some wax!

Part Deux

Torticollis..or whatever the call it.. why me? three times? seriously? However, vicodine....*drools*.
I have addict tendencies

My favorite team came last in the Amazing Race :( Shucks!! Down but not out.

I want to compile my own bucket list!

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